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The decision to attend college is an important and major decision in an individual's life. Students make this decision based on varied reasons... the hope to secure a better paying job, to learn new things, to set an example for others, out of parental or societal expectations, and even to pass the time or out of boredom! While college life can be a wonderful experience, an unprepared student may find it more challenging than rewarding.


Access a world of resources during your college experiences! Assess your enthusiasm for attending college, identify your preferred learning style, gain an understanding for essential college processes and helpful resources on campus, find ways to get involved while maintaining academic and social balance, and make a  commitment to complete your educational goals.

Track Activities


  • College-Bound Self-Survey
  • Why College?
  • College Readiness Survey
  • College Personality Quiz
  • Student Strengths Inventory
  • Natural Learning Modalities
  • Major in Success
  • UVLink Workshop
  • Wolverine Track Planner Tutorial
  • Advisement Session
  • UV Commit

Options Activities (Select 3)

  • First Year Experience
  • 8 Habits of Successful College Students
  • Freshman Advocates
  • Resilience Project
  • Academic Tutoring
  • College Success Studies Courses
  • "15 to Finish"
  • Financial Literacy
  • Getting Involved
  • Learning Communities
  • Freshman Reading Program
  • FYE Service Days
  • Student Resources Workshop
  • Library Resources

Track Outcomes

  • Awareness - Awareness of college processes, resources, support systems, activities, etc.
  • Knowledge - Knowledge of college preparation principles, individual learning strategies, student involvement, and commitment to completing educational goals.
  • Application - Application of college preparation principles and strategies to achieve academic success.


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