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College helps you prepare for an exciting career, but it also provides the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts to broaden your viewpoint and expand your knowledge base. Many of the things you learn in college will become your opinions, values, and character traits. You will have the opportunity to participate in additional engaging activities in addition to your class work that will provide you with interesting experiences and ideas and help you prepare for a successful and rewarding life!



Track Activities

Required Activities* - Complete 2 Activities in Each Area

  • Integrative & Applied Learning
    A student will engage in discipline-appropriate experiences with the academic and broader community through integrated and applied learning.
  • Intellectual & Practical Skills Foundation
    A student will acquire a foundation of intellectual and practical skills including communication, quantitative reasoning, qualitative reasoning (critical, analytical, and creative thinking), and technical and information literacies.
  • People of Integrity
    A student will become personally and socially responsible by acquiring, developing, and demonstrating skills in ethical reasoning and understanding.
  • Professional Competency
    A student will demonstrate professional competence by meeting the established standards of the discipline, working as a valued member of a team, effectively formulating and solving problems, and actively seeking and honing lifelong learning skills.
  • Stewards of Place
    A student will demonstrate stewardship of local, national and global communities by cultivating awareness of: interdependence among those communities; issues within those communities; and organizations and skills that address such issues.
  • Knowledge Foundation
    A student will demonstrate knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world in the following areas of essential study: arts, history, humanities, languages, science and mathematics, social sciences. Knowledge Foundation refers to GE Distribution courses and other courses and experiences within the major.

*Required for Track Certification(s) and/or ELUD Requirements

Track Outcomes

  • Awareness - An awareness of the importance of developing skills and traits within the 6 life preparation areas.
  • Knowledge - A strong, first-hand knowledge of how development in these areas encourages a rich and full life.
  • Application - Participation in activities and reflection in each of the 6 areas.


Track Certificate

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