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A thorough understanding and knowledge of self, combined with participation in and application of relevant experiences obtained during the process of working toward your degree, is essential. Self-Discovery is the road map to understanding your own unique abilities, strengths, skills, characteristics, and preferences that are important to consider in your daily work world. Imagine a future where you are excited to show up to work every morning. Your clarity about self will affect your ability to become competitive in the workforce and will help you land more than "just a job" upon graduation.



Track Activities


  • Beginning Self-Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Interests Assessment
  • Character Strengths Assessment
  • Motivated Skills Assessment
  • Career Values Assessment
  • Work Environment Assessment
  • Lifestyle Check
  • Leisure Interests Assessment
  • Passion Puzzle
  • Entrepreneur Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Personal Career Vision Statement

*Required for Track Certification(s) and/or ELUD Requirements

Track Outcomes

  • Awareness - Understanding of the importance of self-awareness in regards to career exploration, selection, and preparation.
  • Knowledge - Knowledge of several self-awareness assessment tools and how they may be utilized for informed career decision-making.
  • Application - Assessment of your own natural abilities, interests, portrait traits, and passions and application of this information in your career planning.


Track Certificate

Certificates of Completion Available


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