Refunds & Remainder Checks

Reporting a Lost Check / Affidavit

An AFFIDAVIT is a a sworn statement of fact voluntarily given and witnessed by a notary.

  1. An AFFIDAVIT should be completed if a check issued to you by Utah Valley University has been lost and you are requesting a replacement check.


  2. Before completing the AFFIDAVIT, you will need to obtain the check number of your lost check from the UVU Cashier. This can be done in person, by phone (801-863-8298), or through email (
    • When contacting the UVU Cashier, you will be asked to provide identifying information as well as the date of the lost check and the amount.
    • Check date and amount can be found by reviewing your account in Tuition Payment Plus.


  3. Complete ALL information on the AFFIDAVIT up to the signature line.

     Online AFFIDAVIT form

  4. Print the completed form. (If completed in writing, all entries must be legible.)


  5. The completed AFFIDAVIT must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.
    • A Notary Public can be found at One Stop (located on the first floor of the Administration Bldg)
    • There is no charge to have the form notarized by a One Stop notary.


  6. After the completed form is notarized, the ORIGINAL form should be given to the UVU Cashier (BA-108) for processing.
    • Submitting this AFFIDAVIT does not guarantee that the check can be replaced.
    • A $25 processing fee is assessed for AFFIDAVITS requested earlier than 21 days of the check date. After 21 days, the service is free.
    • All email correspondence will be through the UV Link email address.


Verify your address information through UV Link and update as needed.

Sign up for E-Refund
  • Enrollment in eRefunds (direct deposit) is done through UV Link under the Student tab and Financing/Paying for Your Education. Electronic deposit to your bank account is the fastest way to receive your financial aid disbursement or student refund. (Checks are not held for student pickup.)