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Student Bills

Bills are generated as a courtesy to students approximately 8 times throughout the semester and are sent to the student's myUVU email account. Bills can also be viewed in the Tuition Payment PLUS system which can be accessed directly or through myUVU

Receipt or non-receipt of a bill is not the sole indicator of a balance owed to the University; as soon as students enroll in a class, they have incurred charges on their account and owe the University accordingly. Payment Deadline occurs before the semester begins, so any charges incurred after the Payment Deadline are due immediately and are subject to the Late Fee. For exact deadlines, please refer to the Student Timetable.

Students should be aware that changes in registration or Financial Aid may affect the total balance due and may not be reflected on the most recent bill. Student account balances can be viewed in real time in myUVU or Tuition Payment PLUS. myUVU will display a brief summary of the charges, payments, and balance on the account. Tuition Payment Plus shows a more detailed accounting of the charges and credits, including effective dates and balances. 

How to access My Account in myUVU:

  • Log into myUVU and click on the Student menu.
  • In the menu on the left, click on Paying For My Education.
  • Under Tuition, click on Account Summary by Term. 

How to access Tuition Payment Plus:

  • Log into myUVU and click on the Students menu.
  • Click on Paying For My Education.
  • Under My Student Account, click on Student Account Activity.
  • On the Home Page, click on the green View Account Activity button. The current term will be displayed by default, but other semesters can be viewed by changing the term in the View transactions by term box.



Students waiting at OneStop on Pay Deadline