Tax Information

FAQ about IRS Form 1098-T

Q.  Why did I get a 1098T?

A.     As stated in the instructions, you may be eligible for a tax credit.

Q.     Why is box 1 blank?

A.     We are required by law to use either box 1 or 2, our software uses box 2. As stated in the instructions, "the amount shown in box 1 or 2 may represent an amount other than the amount actually paid in 2006".

Q.     Do I need to attach the form to my tax return?

A.     No, you need IRS form 8863 to attach. As stated in the instructions, IRS publication 970 will answer your questions. You can access your student account for amounts paid.

Q.     Why didn't I receive a 1098T?

A.  * The address we have for you is not the correct address.

* Grants and scholarships paid for all your tuition and fees.

* You may have gone just Spring Semester of 2006 and registered and paid in November and December of 2005.

Q.     Why is box 9 checked, I am not a graduate student?

A.     There was an error made, the box SHOULD NOT have been checked. The file that is being sent to the IRS has been corrected. You can just ignore the check on box 9.

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