Utah Valley University Catalog 2013-2014 PDF Version
2012-2014 Catalog 2013-2014 Catalog full version (pdf)
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Table of Contents (pdf)
Academic Calendar (pdf)(Updated)
Academic Degrees (pdf)
General Information (pdf)
Admissions (pdf)(Updated)
Registration, Tuition and Fees (pdf)
Financial Aid and Scholarships (pdf)
Academic Policies and Standards (pdf)
Graduation and General Education (pdf)
Student Rights and Responsibilities (pdf)
Student Services (pdf)
University Police (pdf)
Graduate Studies
Full Listing of Graduate Studies 
Graduate Studies
Master of Business Administration
Master of Education
Master of Science in Nursing
Academic Departments and Degrees
Full Listing of Academic Departments (pdf)

Accounting (pdf)
Administrative Information Management (pdf)
Art and Visual Communications (pdf)
Automotive Technology (pdf)
Aviation Science (pdf)
Behavioral Science (pdf)
Biology (pdf)
Building Inspection Technology (pdf)
Business/Marketing Education (pdf)
Cabinetry and Architectural Woodwork (pdf)
Chemistry (pdf)
Collision Repair Technology (pdf)
Communication (pdf)
Computer Science (pdf)
Construction Management (pdf)
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement (pdf)
Culinary Arts Institute (pdf)
Dance (pdf)
Dental Hygiene (pdf)
Diesel Mechanics Technology (pdf)
Digital Media (pdf)
Earth Science (pdf)
Elementary Education (pdf)
Secondary Education (pdf)
Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology (pdf)
Emergency Services (pdf)
Engineering Graphics and Design Technology (pdf)
English-Basic Composition (pdf)
English and Literature (pdf)
English as a Second Language (pdf)
Course Descriptions
Full Listing of Course Descriptions (pdf)
Course Descriptions Prefixes (pdf)
ACC --- Accounting (pdf)
AERO --- Aerospace Studies (pdf)
AMST --- American Studies (pdf)
ANTH --- Anthropology (pdf)
APPR --- Apprentice (pdf)
ARCH --- Archaeology (pdf)
ART --- Art (pdf)
ARTH --- Art History (pdf)
ASL -- American Sign Language (pdf)
ASTR --- Astronomy (pdf)
AUT --- Auto Mechanics (pdf)
AVSC --- Aviation Science (pdf)
BESC --- Behavioral Science (pdf)
BIOL --- Biology (pdf)
BIT --- Building Inspection Technology (pdf)
BMED --- Business/Marketing Education (pdf)
BOT --- Botany (pdf)
BTEC --- Biotechnology (pdf)
CA --- Culinary Arts (pdf)
CAW --- Cabinetry and Architectural Woodwork (pdf)
CHEM --- Chemistry (pdf)
CHIN --- Chinese (pdf)
CHST --- Chinese Studies (pdf)
CINE --- Cinema Studies (pdf)
CJ --- Criminal Justice (pdf)
CLSS --- College Success Studies (pdf)
CLST --- Classical Studies (pdf)
CMGT --- Construction Management (pdf)
CNST --- Constitutional Studies (pdf)
COMM --- Communication (pdf)
COMP --- Computing (pdf)
CRT --- Collision Repair Technology (pdf)
CS --- Computer Science (pdf)
DANC --- Dance (pdf)
DENT --- Dental Hygiene (pdf)
DGM --- Digital Media (pdf)
DMT --- Diesel Mechanics (pdf)
EART --- Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology (pdf)
ECFS --- Education, Child and Family Studies (pdf)
ECON --- Economics (pdf)
EDEC --- Early Childhood Education (pdf)
EDEL --- Elementary Education (pdf)
EDSC --- Secondary Education (pdf)
EDSP --- Special Education (pdf)
EDUC --- Education (pdf)
EENG --- Electrical Engineering (pdf)
EGDT --- Engineering Graphics and Design Technology (pdf)
ENGH --- English-Basic Composition (pdf)
ENGL --- English (pdf)(Updated)
ENGR --- Engineering (pdf)
ENST --- Environmental Studies (pdf)
ENVT --- Environmental Management (pdf)
ES --- Emergency Services (pdf)
ESAF --- Emergency Services - Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (pdf)
ESEC --- Emergency Services - Emergency Care (pdf)
ESFF --- Emergency Services - Firefighting (pdf)
ESFO --- Emergency Services - Fire Officer (pdf)
ESL --- English as a Second Language (pdf)
ESMG --- Emergency Services - Management (pdf)
ESWF ---Emergency Services - Wildland Firefighter (pdf)
EXSC --- Exercise Science (pdf)
Catalog Reference
Full Listing of Catalog References (pdf)  
Administration (pdf)
Faculty (pdf)
Index (pdf)

Academic Schools
College of Aviation and Public Services (pdf)
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (pdf)
College of Science and Health (pdf)
College of Technology and Computing (pdf)
School of Education (pdf)
School of the Arts (pdf)
University College (pdf)
Woodbury School of Business (pdf)
Academic Programs
Full Listing of Academic Programs 
Academic Assessment
Community College Programs
Distance Education
Honors Program
Interdisciplinary Programs
Internship Services
Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation (pdf)
Facilities Management (pdf)
Finance and Economics (pdf)
Geomatics (pdf)
History (pdf)
Hospitality Management (pdf)
Humanities (pdf)
Information Systems and Technology (pdf)
Integrated Studies (pdf)
Interdisciplinary Studies Program (pdf)
Languages (pdf)
Legal Studies (pdf)
Management (pdf)
Marketing (pdf)
Mathematics (pdf)
Mathematics-Developmental (pdf)
Mechatronics Technology (pdf)
Music (pdf)
Nursing (pdf)
Philosophy (pdf)
Physics (pdf)
Political Science (pdf)
Pre-Engineering Science (pdf)
Public and Community Health (pdf)
ROTC Air Force and Army (pdf)
Student Leadership and Success Studies (pdf)
Technology Management (pdf)
Theatrical Arts for Stage and Screen (pdf)
University Studies (pdf)
FAC --- Facilities Management (pdf)
FAMS --- Family Studies (pdf)
FAMT --- Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre (pdf)
FIN --- Finance (pdf)
FREN --- French (pdf)
FSCI --- Forensic Science (pdf)
GEO --- Geology (pdf)
GEOG ---Geograpohy (pdf)
GER --- German (pdf)
GIS --- Geographic Information Systems (pdf)
GRK --- Greek (pdf)
HIST --- History (pdf)
HLTH --- Community Health (pdf)
HM --- Hospitality Management (pdf)
HONR --- Honors (pdf)
HUM --- Humanities (pdf)
IDST --- Interdisciplinary Studies Program (pdf)
INFO -- Information System and Technology (pdf)
IS --- Integrated Studies (pdf)
IT --- Information Technology (pdf)
JPNS --- Japanese (pdf)
LANG --- Languages (pdf)
LATN --- Latin (pdf)
LEGL --- Legal_Studies (pdf)
MAT --- Mathematics - Developmental (pdf)
MATH --- Mathematics (pdf)
MECH --- Mechatronics Technology (pdf)
METO --- Meteorology (pdf)
MGMT --- Business Management (pdf)
MICR --- Microbiology (pdf)
MILS --- Military Science (pdf)
MKTG --- Marketing (pdf)
MUSC --- Music (pdf)
NURS --- Nursing (pdf)
NUTR ---Nutrition (pdf)
PES --- Physical Education Sports (pdf)
PETE --- Physical Education-Teacher Education (pdf)
PHIL --- Philosophy (pdf)
PHSC --- Physical Science (pdf)
PHYS --- Physics (pdf)
PJST --- Peace and Justice Studies (pdf)
POLS --- Political Science (pdf)
PORT --- Portuguese (pdf)
PSY --- Psychology (pdf)
REC --- Recreation (pdf)
RLST --- Religious Studies (pdf)
RUS --- Russian (pdf)
SOC --- Sociology (pdf)
SOSC --- Social Science (pdf)
SPAN --- Spanish (pdf)
SURV --- Land Surveying (pdf)
SW --- Social Work (pdf)
TECH --- Technology Management (pdf)
THEA --- Theatre (pdf)
UVST --- University Studies (pdf)
ZOOL --- Zoology (pdf)