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President Matthew S Holland


Welcome to Utah Valley University! I commend your decision to study at a dynamic university that offers a signature engaged learning experience. By coming here prepared for a rigorous academic experience, you are on the path to reaching your educational, professional and personal goals. It is my personal commitment to you that UVU will offer a first-rate environment as you pursue scholarly discovery and personal growth.

It is an exciting time to be here. As you might know, UVU is now one of the largest public institutions in the region with more than 30,000 students. As a new student, that might seem intimidating, but I am confident that your experience here will be characterized by lasting friendships with your fellow students as well as personalized attention and mentoring from caring faculty and staff who are focused on your success.

UVU's emphasis on engaged learning is meant to provide deeper learning experiences, and I hope you will seek out these unique opportunities during your educational journey here. Whether it's mapping ancient tombs in Israel with digital technology, studying the Wasatch fault line on site, or starting a viable business in an entrepreneurial class, UVU has an engaged learning program to match your interests and course of study. Beyond engaged learning, get involved in campus events and activities, including athletics, clubs, lectures and conferences. Doing so will maximize your university experience, making it one of the most rewarding investments of your life.


  Matthew Holland

President Matthew S. Holland

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Utah Valley University offers programs at its several campus sites, including the Orem Campus, the Provo Airport Campus, the West Campus, the North Valley Center, and the Wasatch Campus. The UVU semester class schedule designates at which campus site each class section is taught.