Constitution Week, September 2011

Keynote Address
Constitutional Liberties in Times of Crisis
Dr. Harry N. Scheiber

Faculty CoDirector Law of the Sea Institute
Faculty Director, Institute for Legal Research
Stefan A. Riesenfeld Professor of Law
Professor, History Faculty
Director, Sho Sato Program in Japanese and U.S. Law

Dr. Harry N. Scheiber

Dr. Harry N. Schieber presented a lecture addressing the effects of martial law on the constitutional liberties of the inhabitants of Hawaii during World War II. Dr. Scheiber also met privately with a group of constitutional studies students to discuss ways they could better prepare for graduate studies and law school.


Dr. Scheiber and Dr. Griffin attended a private dinner followingthe keynote address.

Constitution Game Show


Contestants playing "Constitution or Declaration?" Students have to determine whether a particular quote is from the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.

Constitution Game Show