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Michael Snapp

Director, Career Development Center, Career Counselor, School of Education
Michael SnappVideo Link
(801) 863-8219

Jordan Doman

Assistant Director, Career Development Center
Career Counselor, College of Aviation & Public Services, School of the Arts
Jordan Doman,
(801) 863-6711

Sherry Harward

Program Director, CareerPassport
Sherry Harward
(801) 863-6813

Julie Bagley

Program Director, National Student Exchange and Mobility Mission, Career Counselor, Alumni
Julie Bagley
(801) 863-6750

Sue Stephenson

Career Counselor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sue StephensonVideo Link
(801) 863-6219

Gayla Cannon

Career Counselor, College of Technology & Computing
Gayla Cannon
(801) 863-8153

Zeb White

Career Counselor, Woodbury School of Business
Zeb WhiteVideo Link
(801) 863-6710

Dan Felts

Career Counselor, College of Science and Health
Dan FeltsVideo Link
(801) 863-8258

Janalee Carter

Employer Relations Coordinator
Janalee Carter
(801) 863-8916

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Assistant Employer Relations

Malinda Randall

Office Manager
Malinda Randall
(801) 863-6098

Miriam Ortega

Administrative Assistant
Miriam Ortega
(801) 863-6364