Success Stories

Gabriel Mosey

I have just recently been hired at Ernst & Young (of the Big 4 Accounting firms). Working with the Career Development Center I was able to get the kind of help I needed to graduate from UVU with a professional resume, good interviewing skills and an excellent job search and networking portfolio. Since visiting the UVU Career Center and graduating from UVU, I have completed a Master of Accountancy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. I give the center and the counselors credit for their encouragement, for their assistance in helping me interview well and present my best self well. My largest career goal was to be hired in one of the Big 4 firms and that became a reality this year. I owe my career preparation and professional readiness to the help that I received from the Career Development Center.

Gabriel Mosey - Bachelor of Science, Accounting (UVU 2012) 

Lisa Secrest at work

I found the Career Development Center to be very helpful and supportive in obtaining a career just out of college. Before going to the CDC I really struggled visiting with prospective employers. I would go to the center and interview with them, and they helped me refine my answers and gain confidence in myself. But, the Career Counselors didn't just help me prepare, they counseled with me about what I really wanted for my future and helped me network as well. They would go out and visit companies to tell them about our program, organize information sessions with company reps for me to attend, and invite them to career fairs – doing their best to help me find a good match for my future profession. I loved to go to the Career Development Center because I knew they really cared about me and wanted to help me find the career I truly wanted.

Lisa Secrest – Bachelor of Science, Construction Management (UVU 2013)

Jose Melendez“I want to take a moment to say thank you to the Career Development Center for your help. I’m 36 years old, and after going back to school to finish my degree in IT, I knew the hardest part would be to find a job without experience in the field. However, after your help in working on my resume and focusing on new skills, I landed a job at EMC Corporation and commence my new career as an IT Engineer.”

Jose Melendez – Bachelor of Science, Information Technology (UVU 2013)