Giving Back

Alumni Job Shadowing Information

What is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing allows students to observe typical daily activities of professionals in a field they wish to learn more about. Job shadowing can be an experience which lasts 2-4 hours, or a full day.

How Alumni Can Help...

Job shadowing is a great career exploration tool for UVU students wanting more information concerning a particular career. It provides first-hand interaction with professionals, like UVU Alumni, who are established in their chosen career fields. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions and get a glimpse into what expectations exist in a career, without the pressure of working in the field.

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Give Back to UVU

Offer Job Shadowing Opportunities…

All you need to begin is an interest in participating. The Career Development Center maintains a catalog of professionals across a wide variety of career fields that have agreed to allow UVU students shadow them as time permits. We are continuously searching for additional job shadowing partners. Simply contact our office at 801-863-6364, or by email at to get involved.

Benefits to Employers who Job Shadow

  • Helps to prepare the future workforce
  • Demonstrates a tangible commitment to supporting and improving the UVU community
  • Can create a feeling of personal satisfaction which comes from sharing your passion
  • Promotes long-term career connections