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UbiDuo (face-to-face communicators)
UbiDuo communicator

Project UbiDuo In direct support of UVU’s strategic directions 2007 – 2008 Strategic Direction Two: Provide a distinctive educational opportunity centered on students, scholarship, and regional engagement and Strategic Direction Four: Manage and expand resources in support of UVU’s mission and future growth the Career Development Center purchased and distributed 14 UbiDuo face-to-face communicators for departments throughout the university. This technology allows students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to communicate with hearing individuals at their convenience without needing to schedule interpreting services 24 hours or more in advance. This enables these students to stop by to make appointments or get questions answered without having to wait. It affords them the same access to student services as other students on campus.

UVU is one of only a few universities nationwide currently utilizing this technology. The UbiDuo will be available in the following areas on campus: Career Development Center, Accessibility Services Department, Academic Counseling Center, Math Lab, Writing Lab, School of Business Advisement Center, One Stop, Instant Info, TRiO and Testing Services and at the Wasatch campus.

Several UVU students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing have already successfully used the UbiDuo in counseling sessions, job interviews, and for on campus employment. The UbiDuo can be used for staff meetings and when desiring to communicate with staff at the front desk of the Career Development Center.

The Career Development Center feels that the UbiDuo is a valuable communication tool that puts UVU ahead of the curve in providing an open and accessible campus to all UVU students.