Education Resources

Education Resources

List of Utah School Districts and Utah Charter Schools

Utah Department of Education
Utah Teacher Fair
How to Prepare for a Teacher FairLink to PDF

Educational Job Opportunities

Education's premiere recruiting service - Sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education - Create and Post Your Application Online - View Job Postings in Utah and Nationwide - Apply Directly to School Systems - Track Your Job Search

America's leading nationwide online source - teaching & education job opportunities

Education Week - Marketplace jobs online

Higher Education Jobs


Job Search Tools

Job Search Handouts - The UVU Career Development Center has prepared resources to help you prepare resumes, learn interview skills, dress for success, network, and develop excellent job search and career strategies. Check out some of our handouts!

Job Search Engines - The UVU Career Development Center has also compiled a list of websites dedicated to helping you find– and apply for jobs in your chosen field!

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