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After you obtain the results of your career assessments from the Academic Counseling department, we can help you explore the careers you would like to consider. Career assessment from AAC include:

  • Myers-Briggs
  • Strong Interest Inventory


Internships are a great way to get experience that will take you a long way. Often, a door can be opened to an opportunity through an internship that might be very difficult to open if you were attempting to enter as a permanent employee. Experience gained from an internship counts as quality experience for future opportunities. Many employers hire their interns full-time after graduation.

If you are in the early stages of exploring a career option, you might want to meet with someone who has experience in your area of interest.

What is an Informational Interview?
It is a 20 – 30 minute face-to-face interview where a student asks a professional questions about their profession, the field in general, and their position. This experience allows a check for students to match what they think they know about a field and compare that with the valuable input the professional shares. Students typically prepare the questions to ask the professional, which will give them insight into what they specifically want to know about the profession.

*Informational interviews are not job interviews, but can be used to build relationships with professionals that may benefit future job searches.

What is Job Shadowing?
Job shadowing allows students to observe typical daily activities of professionals in a field they wish to learn more about. Job shadowing can be an experience which lasts 2-4 hours, or a full day. The time allotted is up to the employer’s schedule and availability. It is best to do a job shadow once you have an idea of a specific career path you think might fit.

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Why Conduct an Informational Interview or Job Shadow?
These opportunities allow students to learn more about a profession in a personal, question-answer, and observational setting. Students learn from the personal experiences of the professional and have the opportunity to clarify questions or concerns about a career that are often unresolved through other methods of job exploration. Students can also receive advice about the industry and how to set appropriate goals.

Informational Interviews are also valuable networking tools as they establish the foundation for a professional relationship with professionals. Because the interaction is driven by the student, the setting is less pressured or stressful and can help students gain confidence in interacting with professionals.

How to Get Started
Career Counselors at the Career Development Center specialize in developing professional contacts within each school's area of interest. Professionals who are willing to offer informational interviews and students who are seeking these opportunities, can contact the appropriate Career Counselor.


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