Utah Valley University has a long tradition of offering quality education at different levels and in a variety of disciplines, combining the environment of a community college with that of a four year institution offering advanced degrees.


How Do I Prepare For My Entrance Exams?

Use the UVU Graduate Exam Preparation Center: 
The UVU Graduate Exam Preparation Center is a private room in the Career Development Center offices that you can reserve to take free practice graduate school entrance examinations. Call 801.863.6364 or come in to reserve the room for your desired time frame.

Take practice tests here:
by following these steps:

  1. In search box type in free (test of your choice) online practice test and press enter
  2. Student will be taken to a page with links for free practice tests including GRE - general, MCAT - medical school, GMAT - business, DAT - dental, LSAT - law, NCLEX - nursing, OAT - optometry, MAT - general
  3. Student selects practice test of their choice
  4. Student must register and follow steps within the link chosen

For additional information, or to schedule the exam preparation room please contact the Career Development Center at 801-863-6364 located in LC 409.

Check out these helpful sites:

Get additional help from outside Test Prep Agencies:
Through UVU Community and Continuing Education you can access a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the internet. All of the courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. The online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you. Ready to explore their catalog? Go to

Some outside agencies such as Olympus Test Prep, Kaplan Services, BYU Testing Center, and ACE provide free seminars and practice tests as well as other preparation services you can pay for. 

Photo of Female graduate holding diploma

Graduate School Fair

Graduate School Fair Information

Sept. 21, 2016
Grande Ballroom, Utah Valley University

2016 List of Attendees

Students, Get Ready by Attending a Graduate School Fair

The Graduate School Fair features representatives from general graduate studies offices, specific graduate programs, and professional health schools (medical, dental, osteopathic, PA, PT, OT, chiropractic, optometry, pharmacy, dental hygiene).

  • Get a running start on your career by becoming an "employable quality graduate."
  • Make contacts to broaden your horizons after graduation.
  • Campus representatives from a strong and diverse group of more than 80 programs with graduate, business, and health professions programs.
  • An opportunity to discuss admission and degree requirements with representatives.
  • A chance to talk informally with admissions representatives about their specific institutions and about the benefits of graduate and/or professional study in general.



Which School Is Right For Me?

The following links are very good sources for finding information on U.S. graduate schools, tests required for admission, data on specific tests, graduate schools in Utah, and the latest rankings of graduate schools.

The most comprehensive online resource of graduate school information:

Most recent rankings of graduate schools:

Online MSW Programs:


Office of Graduate Studies