Graduate Fair

Students, Alumni & Community Members


2017 Graduate School Fair - Vision for the Future

  • Get a running start on your career by becoming an "employable quality graduate."
  • Make contacts to broaden your horizons after graduation.
  • Campus representatives from a strong diverse group of more than 80 schools with graduate, business, and health professions programs.
  • An opportunity to discuss admission and degree requirements with representatives.
  • A chance to talk informally with admissions representatives about their specific institutions and about the benefits of graduate and/or professional study in general.

Graduate School Fair comes only once per year. So seniors, this is your last chance to attend.


Preparation Workshops: In the time leading up to the Graduate School Fair there will be a number of preparation workshops offered. Topics will include:
Application Process, Timelines, Personal Statements/Essays, etc.

Get the most out of your experience. Research the schools you are most interested in before you go. Also consider the following suggestions:


  • Dress nicely
  • Come prepared with questions


The Graduate School Fair begins at 10:00am and is always well attended. Plan to come early and put your best foot forward by doing the following:


  • Shake hands with the representative
  • Introduce yourself in a friendly manner
  • Know what you are trying to accomplish and communicate that with confidence

The representatives are attending the Fair because they want to answer your questions, including general questions about graduate or professional school study and specific questions about their respective schools (e.g. strengths, your options, etc.).

  • Be sure to thank the representatives

Please remember, while they're representing their schools, you're representing UVU.
Your good impression will encourage their participation in future Fairs.

Oct. 4, 2017
Grande Ballroom, Utah Valley University

2017 Grad Fair Attendees

Sponsored by: Career Development Center / Academic Advising