Outdoor Adventure Workshops

Embark on extraordinary adventures to Arches and Capitol Reef National Parks to learn how to photograph and paint nature’s vistas. Discover plein air, photography and astronomy from professionals on these multi-day workshops that often include camping/lodging and meals.

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Plein Air Painting

water color at Capitol Reef





Explore the heavens from some of the darkest skies in America from Capitol Reef National Park and from within UVU’s Planetarium.
You will learn to find your way around the night sky and discover how the stars and planets move. We will identify the prominent stars and constellations visible in the spring and summer, and look at a number of planets, clusters, nebulae, and galaxies through telescopes. During the daytime, explore the unique and beautiful geology of Capitol Reef National Park.
Begin to understand the earth as a planet orbiting one of 100 billion stars in a typical galaxy in the observable universe. This inspiring workshop includes two days and nights at Capitol Reef National Park, and two evening sessions in UVU’s Planetarium, located in the Pope Science building.