Outdoor Adventure Workshops


Capitol Reef Field Station


Join us for two days in Arches National Park, one of Utah’s most popular and world-famous sightseeing destinations. Don’t miss this opportunity to photograph breathtaking landscapes and natural rock sculptures as you learn alongside an award-winning professional photographer as your instructor! Discover how to capture beautiful scenery during day and night lighting conditions using such techniques as long exposure and light painting. This value-packed adventure workshop includes delicious Dutch-oven meals as well as being chauffeured by tour bus there and back. This session will be camping in the park, and participants will need to bring their own tent and bedding. Participants must be at least 18 years old and be physically able to hike within the park. Agendas and suggested personal items will be provided prior to the excursion. Sign up now as space is limited. MANDATORY PRE-TRIP MEETING: Tues. Oct. 14, 7pm. POST-TRIP MEETING: Tues. Oct. 21, 7pm. Location for meetings: UVU. Transportation provided from UVU campus for this event.
F/Sa   10/17-10/18   5 am-10 pm   (2 Ses)
Instructor: Bryan Niven
Location: Arches National Park    $299
Take a photographic stroll through beautiful Hobble Creek Canyon. You will learn how to capture the details of fall by getting closer to nature using macro techniques, taking it all in with wide angles, practicing proper framing of scenery, using motion blur techniques with water, and adjusting shutter speeds. Don’t sit through another breathtaking fall season in Utah without capturing it. Taught by award-winning photographer Bryan Niven.
Sa   10/25   7-10 am   (1 Ses)
Instructor: Bryan Niven
Location: TBA    $49
If you have an advanced camera and want to utilize all the quality it has to offer, don’t miss this four-week, hands-on workshop taught by award-winning professional photographer Bryan Niven. Harness the power of photography by understanding focus, metering, and ISO, and take control of exposure by separately and independently adjusting shutter speed and aperture. We’ll study the different effects lenses create, learn how to read histograms, understand the beauty of white balance, and more! This course will start at the beginner level and progress through the intermediate. No class Oct 16.
Th   9/25-10/23   6-9 pm   (4 Ses)
Instructor: Bryan Niven
Location: UVU    $79

Plein Air Painting

water color at Capitol Reef


Come prepared to watercolor and have fun in the sun at Capitol Reef National Park! This class will be for beginner, intermediate, and advanced watercolorists. You will learn what to look for before you start a painting, how to set up a painting using composition and balance, and how to work with the water to improve your painting style. You’ll also learn new techniques to make your watercolors pop, all while enjoying the scenic beauty and inspiration of Capitol Reef. We will stay at the state-of-the-art UVU Field Station, and food will be provided. Participants will need to bring their own watercolor supplies (see online registration for details). 
MANDATORY PRE-TRIP MEETING: Thurs. Sep 18, 7 pm. UVU Campus: ME108.
Students will carpool to and from Capitol Reef.
Th/F/Sa   9/25-9/27   1 pm Thur - 10 pm Sat   (3 Ses)
Instructor: Gilbert Bennett
Location: UVU Capitol Reef Field Station    $229




Explore the heavens from some of the darkest skies in America from Capitol Reef National Park and from within UVU’s Planetarium.
You will learn to find your way around the night sky and discover how the stars and planets move. We will identify the prominent stars and constellations visible in the spring and summer, and look at a number of planets, clusters, nebulae, and galaxies through telescopes. During the daytime, explore the unique and beautiful geology of Capitol Reef National Park.
Begin to understand the earth as a planet orbiting one of 100 billion stars in a typical galaxy in the observable universe. This inspiring workshop includes two days and nights at Capitol Reef National Park, and two evening sessions in UVU’s Planetarium, located in the Pope Science building.