Adventure Workshops


Exploring the Heavens

Capitol Reef National Park

Explore the heavens from some of the darkest skies in America from Capitol Reef National Park and from within Utah Valley University's Planetarium. You will learn to find your way around the night sky and discover how the stars and planets move. We will identify the prominent stars and constellations visible in the spring and summer, and look at a number of planets, clusters, nebulae, and galaxies through telescopes. During the daytime, explore the unique and beautiful geology of Capitol Reef National Park. Begin to understand earth as a planet orbiting one of 100 billion stars in a typical galaxy in the observable universe. This inspiring workshop includes two days and nights at Capitol Reef National Park and two evening sessions in UVU's Planetarium located in the Pope Science building. Please note that there will be no refunds if the weather is cloudy.

Exploring the Heavens

Capitol Reef National Park

Dr. Joseph Jensen
April 25, 2014, 7:00 pm UVU Planetarium
May 1-3, 2014, Capitol Reef Field Station
May 9, 2014, 7:00 pm UVU Planetarium


Plein Air Workshop

Capitol Reef National Park

A French expression which means "in the open air," En plein air is used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Join us in the stunning natural light of Capitol Reef National Park to paint unrivaled red-rock scenery from your own easel and perspective, while enjoying one-on-one instruction from a professional artist! Relax in state-of-the-art accommodations at UVU Field Station. Meals are provided straight from our chef's kitchen. It's a perfect blend of nature, color, texture, panoramic vistas and culinary delights! Bring your own painting supplies (a supply list will be sent out before the trip).

Pre-workshop suggested course: Oil Painting: Beginning Landscapes

Instructor: Lynn Farrar
April 24 - 26, 2014 Capitol Reef Field Station


Photo Workshop

Arches National Park/Camping

Enjoy two days in Arches National Park, one of Utah's most popular and world-famous sightseeing destinations. Don't miss this opportunity to photograph breathtaking landscapes and natural rock sculptures like Delicate Arch and Balanced Rock. Gain confidence as you learn alongside an award-winning, professional photographer as your instructor! Discover how to photograph beautiful scenery during day and night lighting conditions using long exposures and light-painting techniques. This session will be camping in the park, and participants need to bring their own tent and bedding. You must be at least 18 years old and be physically able to hike within the park. Agendas and suggested personal items will be provided prior to the excursion. Sign up now, as space is limited. Transportation provided from UVU campus for this event.

Pre-workshop suggested course: Photography I

Instructor: Bryan Niven
Date: April 25-26, 2014

Photo Workshop

Capitol Reef National Park/Lodging

Join us for a memorable weekend in Capitol Reef National Park for an extraordinary adventure and photo workshop. Discover new camera techniques, breathtaking landscapes, new friends, and delicious food. Food and lodging at UVU's state-of-the-art field station is located inside this spectacular national park. Learn how to change night into day with long exposures and painting with light. Wake up early and step outside your door to photograph the sunrise. Take in all that Capitol Reef has to offer, with its sheer canyon walls, winding streams, and incredible rock sculptures. Experience the different effects focal length can make in landscape photography. Please bring your SLR or interchangeable-lens camera.

Pre-workshop suggested course: Digital Photography:

Instructor: Rex Allen
Date: March 28-30, 2014



Wasatch Wildlife Weekend

Why is the vegetation on the west side of the Wasatch Range so different than the east side of the range? Why does the vegetation vary so widely from one side of Provo Canyon to the other? How does development impact the feeding ranges of Utah wildlife? How did the Wasatch Range form and why does the Provo River cut right through the range? Why are there marine fossils high on Mt Timpanogos? What does any of this have to do with earthquakes? When/why did Lake Bonneville exist and what lived around the lake? These questions and so many more will be answered and explored during this informative presentation.

Instructors: Dr. Daniel Horns, Dr. Jim Harris
Date: June 19-21, 2014



Wasatch Wildlife Weekend

Discover Utah and Wasatch counties' prehistoric peoples and cultures. Learn about ancient inhabitants of this area who revered Mt. Timpanogos, and fished in the crystal clear waters of Utah Lake. Delight in the intricate beauty of hand-sewn animal hide clothing decorated with shells, beads, quillwork. Gain an appreciation of arrowheads, ancient weapons and musical instruments. Glimpse the willow and animal-hide dwellings called home. Understand the social, environmental and ecological aspects of these hunter-gatherers and agriculturists who occupied north-central Utah and surrounding regions for nearly 10,000 years.

Instructor: Dr. David Yoder
Cultural Anthropologist
June 19-21, 2014