KEYNOTE SESSION 9:15 – 10:50

Keynote Presentation Christina Pato and Ko Umezaki When Art and Cultures Meet: The Learning Embedded Within
Session Type: Conference Keynote

UVU welcomes keynote presenters from Yo -Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, internationally acclaimed musicians and artists Cristina Pato and Kojiro Umezaki. The Ensemble is made up of musicians from around the world that celebrate through music. "Inspired by the cultural tradition of the historic Silk Road, the Silk Road Project is a catalyst promoting innovation and learning through the arts." The Ensemble is in residence at Harvard University.


Dance and Visual Art: Cultivating the Creative Mind by Connecting Dance, Cultures, and The Classroom Curriculum
Presenter: Rachel Kimball
Session Type: Workshop/ Elementary Dance Integration

This workshop will explore how the art of dance can weave student learning while investigating culture connections through movement and art. Inspired by the work of Swedish artist Karl Momen, we will share a dance and art project being created by the students from Morningside Elementary. This session will look at the many possible ways of moving, investigating, exploring, creating and the numerous lessons that can be developed through a single thread of connecting cultures in the classroom.

Dance As a Cultural Access Point
Presenter: Kim Strunk
Session Type: Secondary Dance

The universal language of dance provides rich ground for exploring various world cultures, thereby creating a means or access to understanding and appreciating cultures other than our own. This session focuses on multi-cultural dance education as a way to break down stereotypes, open minds, and instill respect for other ways of moving and being in our world today.

Music Takes Us Places!
Presenter: Jeri Crosby
Session Type: Elementary Music Integration

Explore resources, songs and techniques for integrating music core concepts and vocabulary while broadening cultural understanding and connecting to social studies core.

Linking Music with English, Science, Math, and More
Presenter: Hilary Demske
Session Type: Secondary Music Integration

Even if the only instrument you play is the radio, you can use music in your classroom to inspire students to think differently and develop creativity. This session will discuss simple ways that you can incorporate musical listening projects into your curriculum.

"the play's the thing...”: Cultivating a Culture of Play within your Classroom
Presenter: Michael Bahr
Session Type: Workshop/ Elementary Drama Art Form

Cultivating a culture of play stimulates creativity, empowers individuals, and establishes standards for individual success. Creative minds are cultivated through playing daily with interpretive connections. Play is the most effective tool to teach any subject. This session provides exercises that can be implemented by participants in their own classes through all subjects, kindergarten through 6th grade. Each participant in the workshop will play with others and create exercises for their own classes.

Exploring and Teaching Mime
Presenter: Néstor Bravo
Session Type: Workshop/ Secondary Drama Art Form

This workshop introduces the basic concepts and techniques of corporeal mime, which is considered as the embodiment of pre-expressive principles (Decroux, Barba), and viewpoints of time and space (Overlie/Bogart). The participants will learn and apply specific mime exercises from the following matrix of techniques: walking, rotations, counterweight, fixed point, neutral zero position, staccato movements, expansion and contraction of time, manipulation of space and matter, isolation, opposition and presence.

Mexican Paper Flowers
Presenter: Frances Dee Rogers
Session Type: Workshop

This session will demonstrate how to fold colored tissue paper using wire to hold the paper together and different cutting styles to create different flower designs. I will be using different sizes of paper to create a variety of shapes of flowers. I will be instructing techniques that can be taught to a 5 year old to advanced students. Soft tissue paper feels calming in the hands. As flowers are trimmed and shaped there is a sense of relaxation and a calming sensation that can leave a person with a sense of well being.

Making Cross-Cultural Connects Through Art Making
Presenter: Lori Santos
Session Type: Secondary Visual Arts

This sessions explores how collaborative art making brings cross-cultural connections into our personal and community journeys. Participates will learn how artists of different cultural backgrounds use art making as a tool to learn about and connect with each other and even to learn something new and different. We will create personal and community art maps and discuss how to use these maps as a creative tool to frame your secondary art curriculum.

Using Creativity to Connect Cultures
Presenter: Mary Wells, Crayola Representative
Session Type: Elementary Visual Arts Art Form

An exploration of diverse ways to tap into creativity, learn about and connect with different cultures. Participants will explore media and create an art lesson sample.

Finding Cultural Connections on the Road to STEAM
Presenter: Dr. Debora Escalante Ph. D., Dr. Vessela Ilieva Ph. D.

This paper session will provide attendees with a background on the current directions of embedding art within the STEM framework. It will further suggest available resources that allow teachers to link the arts and mathematics within the STEAM framework in engaging, natural ways in the classroom. The use of cultural artifacts will be discussed and emphasized as one way to incorporate cultural art forms and mathematics.

Mathematical ideas found in traditional visual art forms
Presenter: Vessela Ilieva, Ph.D.

This session will engage participants in hands-on activities that integrate traditional visual art forms from different cultures with the learning and practice of mathematics. The engaged learning workshop format provides cultural connections between the visual arts curriculum and the Utah Mathematics Core in a creative way. Participants will learn how to develop and apply in the classroom, meaningful mathematical activities integrated with visual arts in culturally appropriate ways.

Inclusive Pedagogy: Why and how it can be realized in the classroom
Presenter: Bryan Waite

Why and how it can be realized in the classroom." The presentation looks at the theoretical framework of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and how it can be used to help students from all kinds of cultural backgrounds connect to the material being taught. Huffman (2008), Cajete (1994), Wildcat (2001), Dyc (1994), among others, have discussed that one of the difficult things for many students to do in school is feel connected to the content being taught and the social norms found in public education. The paradigm of culturally relevant pedagogy is designed to help students connect more with the pedagogy and curriculum in the classroom and beyond. This presentation will address how inclusive pedagogy can help faculty made these connections for their students to help them reach their highest potential.


The Art of Weaving Dance in the Classroom: Inspired by Karl Momen (Swedish artist) and students from Morningside Elementary
Presenter: Rachel Kimball
Session Type: Elementary Dance Integration

Participants will see how classroom curriculum can be developed using the art of dance to teach and inspire student learning. Cultural connections will be made through the work of Swedish artist Karl Momen. This is a continuation of Session I as lesson plans are shared and developed for use in your classroom.

Dance As a Cultural Access Point – Practical Applications
Presenter: Kim Strunk
Session Type: Workshop/ Secondary Dance

Participants will workshop various ways to incorporate movement and concepts from this morning’s session into lesson plans that utilize multicultural dance forms and concepts to bridge cultural differences and break down stereotypical assumptions.

Traditional and Contemporary Music Training and Composition
Presenters: Cristina Pato and Kojiro Umezaki
Session Type: Workshop/ Discussion

Silk Road Ensemble members Cristina Pato and Kojiro Umezaki will provide perspectives on traditional and contemporary music training and composition. They will also give brief demonstrations of their instruments and discuss creative collaboration within the Silk Road Ensemble.

Story Spotlight – Retelling Stories with Creative Drama
Presenter: Penelope Caywood
Session Type: Workshop/ Elementary Drama Integration

Retelling and summarizing stories are important literacy skills that can be developed through the use of drama techniques. In this residency, teachers learn how to create settings with image theatre, illuminate story details with pantomimes, and discover point-of-view through improvisation. Drama helps students see beyond literal meaning and connect a text to their own lives. Caywood helps teachers challenge students to expand their creativity through the recounting of rich, culturally relevant, and engaging text. This is a Common Core ready workshop. The teacher will know: the basic elements of acting, a process for dramatization, and a simple plan for implementation in their classrooms.

Where's the Drama? Theatre Across the Curriculum
Presenter: Nathan Criman
Session Type: Workshop/ Secondary Drama Integration

Nathan Criman has used theatrical productions to tie together curriculum for a whole junior high school and high school. Mr. Criman will discuss ways theatrical techniques and devices can be used in classroom settings to teach social studies, health, foreign language, English, math, science, and industrial arts. Teachers will come away with concrete examples of how different subjects can be explored together through exploration of a common theme.

Diego Rivera
Presenter: Tania Perez Zapata
Session Type: Workshop/ Secondary Visual Arts Art Form

Create a Diego Rivera style artwork in your classroom using simple techniques that have been enjoyed by the Salt Lake School District.

Javanese Puppets
Presenter: Alisa Petersen
Session Type: Workshop/ Elementary Visual Arts Integration

In this session we will learn how to create characters and tell stories with shadow puppets. We will make intricate yet inexpensive puppets and scenery and learn helpful tips for using shadow puppet theater with your students.

Celebrating Day of the Dead (with Calaveras/Sugar Skulls)
Presenter: Marla Lepe
Session Type: Workshop/ Elementary Visual Arts

Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and an opportunity to remember loved ones. This workshop is designed for K-6 educators outlining how the holiday is celebrated, its history and folklore. A handout is available for educators to incorporate building an altar, creating individual student art projects and participating in community events.

In Praise of the Picture Book
Presenter: Dr. Nancy Peterson, Ed.D.

We can help children learn to be discriminating in what they see. In our world of visual bombardment, where we are overloaded with images in every aspect of our lives, our deliberate, perceptive, and responsive sharing of picture books can open children’s eyes to the beauty and power of art. Finding themselves and others portrayed beautifully in the pages of books will lead to children’s appreciation of cultures – their own and others’. Taste and appreciation come by experience, and we can deliberately influence its development. Book lists and example activities will be shared.

Math behind Modular Orgami
Presenter: Dr. Violeta Vasilevska, Ph. D.

The workshop is aimed to provide participants with a fun origami/math activity for high school students. It will give participants a hands-on experience of making an origami dodecahedron-Buckyball. In addition, participants will learn how math can be used to make this Buckyball 3-edge colored. Furthermore, it will be shown how this math/origami project can help students with geometric 2D and 3D visualization.