If Your Book is Released in a Forest, Will it Make a Noise? — Brodi Ashton
Now that you have a book coming out, do you really have any control over how many people it reaches? Probably not. But in this class, we'll talk about ways to market your book without breaking the bank or consuming your life. Don't have a book coming out? Don't worry! The best time to start marketing your book is before you even have a book! The sceond best time to marketing your book is...NOW!
43 Years of Book Publishing — Gibbs Smith
The publishing business has changed over the years. Learn what it's like now and what publishers expect today.
Welcome to the Survivor's Club — Traci McDonald
Challenges--they're all relative, but definitely conquerable. Don't let them stand in the way of achieving your dream of writing and publishing. Learn ways to push past any challenges to a finished product. So really -- challenges aside --the next award-winning author? Why not YOU?
The Agony, The Ecstasy: Writing the Best Book You Can — Jessica Day George
How do you make your book stand out? How do you write what you know if you're writing fantasy, but you've never been to Narnia? It's all about the LOVE: the love for writing, the love for your topic, the love for your words!
Having a Firm Grasp of Purpose, A Process for Writing Non-Fiction — Michael J. Snapp
The importance of knowing your purpose for writing non-fiction is a major key to getting it done. I will share my journey to getting published and how defining and fully grasping my purpose was often the only thing that pulled me through. Learn about purpose and how to remain committed.
Navigating the Publishing Process, from Beginning to End — Marion Jensen
This presentation looks at traditional publishing, self-publishing, and the steps for both processes. Attendees will understand what it takes to get a finished novel on the shelf.
How to Write a Winning Synopsis — Josi Kilpack
Writing a synopsis is something most authors dread. To condense an entire book into a few hundred words is a daunting task that works against our storytelling instincts. However, it's an essential item for agents, editors, marketing departments, cover designers, and reviewers. This class will review the intent of a synopsis and break down the process of creating one into a valuable tool every writer needs in their toolbox.
Self-Edit your Picture Book Manuscript! — Kristyn Crow
Nowadays, agents and editors are looking for carefully-crafted, highly polished manuscripts. The less editing your piece requires, the better chance it has for publication. This touches on what makes an effective picture book manuscript, and provides you with thirty-six (plus) questions to help you self-critique and analyze your work.
Tips for Publishing Adult (Not That Kind of Adult!) Fiction — Kathy Gordon
Congratulations! You've finished your novel, and it's ready for submission. Or is it? Learn what constitutes finished, and find out what publishers are looking for in fiction for the over-18 crowd... including some tips on how to make it out of the slush pile!
Successful Website Design for Authors — Daniel Ruesch
Designer, Daniel Ruesch, will explore the 6 critical elements necessary for the creation of a successful book-promoting website. Each step will be explored thoroughly with ample examples that will give authors knowledge of the important elements and confidence to create or improve an already existing site.
Marketing Secrets from Authors Who Sell — Kelly Schumacher
Have you ever wondered what more you could be doing to market your book? In this class, we'll discuss innovative marketing practices from best-selling authors and talk about new trends in overall book marketing.
Writing the Book Only YOU Can Write — Caleb Warnock
Writing a book is the easy part. Creating the concept for a book is where most authors go wrong.
Organize Your Writing: A Project Notebook — Nancy Campbell Allen
Writing and staying organized in the process can be tricky, but there are tricks to the trade you can use to not just get it done, but preserve your sanity in the process -- all the while still allowing the muse to do her thing!
Knowing Your Market — Virginia Grenier
My goal is to help new writers understand the differences between the genres in children's and YA markets, from short stories to full novels. I will also cover how to know which market is right for your work and how to best prepare manuscripts for submission.
Communion Between Writer and Editor — Scott Hatch
Any competent writer knows how important revision is to the art of creating a text; we will discuss the writer/editor relationship and roles as the editor joins the creative/revision process.
Keys to Great Writing — Ken Baker
From beginnings, middles to endings, key elements to creating stories that readers love and editors want will be revealed!
To the Last Nuance: Revising and Editing a Story to an Impeccable Finish — Karin Anderson
A story isn't just about "what happens." A story is about experiencing one beautiful sentence after another. It's about each word choice on every page. A story is about the way it aligns with and transgresses the boundaries of tradition. Editors, writers, and discerning readers are highly aware of the medium, not just the message: experienced writers know that grinding the events of a story to "The End" is only the first milestone in drafting a fine manuscript.
The Development of a Book Series — David W. Smith
Concept-to-concept, you will learn how to create a top-selling fictional series.
So You Want to be a Writer? — Lisa Mangum
This class, geared specifically for the beginner writer or for young adults, covers the basics: developing ideas, plotting a book, maximizing your writing time, and how to overcome writer's block, as well as other helpful tips and advice.
Marketing Your Book — Wendy Paul
Congratulations! You've been published. Now what? Basic and foolproof marketing ideas and plans that will keep books on the shelf. Step-by-step instructions to save you time and make the best of your marketing plan.