Youth Summer Camps

Youth Camp Registration

Utah Valley has a wide variety of youth camps available.  Below are a few of the camps we currently offer.

Aviation Day Camp

Learn to fly at the state-of-the-art UVU flight facilities at the Provo Airport. Begin with basic ground school and then fly a plane with an FAA-certified instructor in the world's safest training aircraft.

Math Adventure Camp (Rockets)

This weeklong camp provides entering 5th and 6th grade students with a fun and exciting program designed to show that math is more than just numbers. Participants will engage in games and hands-on activities that will reinforce mathematical concepts, thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities. We will explore introductory game theory, decision making, the mathematics of engineering, the mathematics of video games, and more. These explorations are designed to help students more fully comprehend the relevance of mathematics in daily life.  


Engineering, math, and science-minded elementary and middle school students will love the interaction offered in this robotics course. Students assemble mini robots using building models, attach sensors and computer-controlled motors, and configure their behavior using a simple programming tool.