Get Involved

Your Story
Since 1941, UVU has been providing students opportunities for applied scholarship in a variety of fields. As the institution sharpens its role as a leader in engaged learning, students and faculty will continue to find creative connections for classroom learning and help shape the engagement imperative at UVU.

Our Story
The Student Engagement Team was created to promote engaged learning through spotlighting a variety of exceptional faculty and student projects. Through collecting and sharing these contributions and experiences, this initiative aims to assist students with ideas and guidance for future work. By showing what engagement looks like through storytelling and networking, we hope to expand opportunities for students, faculty, and our community.

We're Social

We would like to use social media for its main purpose: being social. Join our Facebook group to stay updated on engagement opportunities and see what other students and faculty are up to. Join our LinkedIn group to network with other engagement-minded people in our community. Follow us on Twitter for updates, news, and hints. Read our blog for additional resources and engagement stories.
Web Video
The Community of Engaged Learners website will host short web videos of students and faculty. Students will learn about the remarkable projects across campus and become more familiar with faculty work. They will also learn from classmates how they can get involved and find their voice in the story of engagement. The definition of what it means to be an engaged student will be embedded in the stories told around the virtual campfire. Web resources will become libraries of past and current achievements and references for current and future students.
  • Create mini-documentaries of engagement stories
  • Develop web repository for documentaries
  • Engagement spotlights in student newspaper
  • Internal publicity and messaging