About UVU Conference on Addiction

UVU will host the 4th annual UVU Conference on Addiction Friday, February 27, 2015.

Our goal is to provide information on a wide-range of issues specific to the topic of addiction. Although the program is not yet firm, the symposium advisory committee plans to include a keynote presentation and a selection of concurrent session workshops dealing with various aspects of addiction including – treatment, prevention, recovery, non-chemical addictive behavior (such as pornography, gambling, etc) and various other related issues.

The conference is being designed to meet the needs of university students, addiction professionals and community participants. Based upon previous participation – we anticipate over 20 concurrent presentations to offer insight and education on addiction-specific topics. Sessions will provide information to anyone with an interest in substance abuse or compulsive addiction.

In order to provide additional resources and information to conference participants, exhibition space is being made available for community and state service providers. Exhibitors will offer information packets, guidance and insight to participants visiting their booths.