Presenter Materials


Invisible smoke by Dr. Martha Thompson
EMDR by Ryan Judson
Culturally adapting cognitive behavioral substance abuse treatment for Latino adolescents by Jason Burrow-Sanchez
Mindfulness-based treatments for addictive disorders by Dr. William Marchand
Loss and grief with addiction by Tiffany Berg Coughran
Sustained recovery by Michael Cain
Addiction medicine overview & MAT by Elina Chernyak
Role delineation by Jeffrey Quamme



The Heart of a Great Life from Gray Otis
Assessment and Diagnosis of DSM-5 Substance-Related Disorders from Jason King
Soundtrax 2 Recovery from Michael McLean and John Batdorf
Model Technology Transfer Activities from Mark Disselkoen
Curriculum-Based Support Groups from Cathey Brown
Using Psychological Science to Conquer the 6 "C's" of Addiction from Russell Gaede and Jason King
HIPPA and 42 CFR Part 2 from Richard Nance
Opioid Addiction from Skylee Campbell
Four Paradigms of Recovery from Gray Otis