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2014 Conference on Addiction Presenters

John Batdorf 

Some may ask, what is it about the qualities of John Batdorf that set him apart from other excellent singer-songwriters? It’s his vulnerability, completely opening the door to his heart. John invites the listener into his soul and shares a couple of hours, open and trusting as he sings of transforming despair into hope, hate into love, and fear and ignorance into tolerance and acceptance. We share his understanding, his forgiveness and are filled with compassion when the song is done. When you hear John sing live for the first time, you’ll understand why his music has meant so much to his fans that have now spanned nearly four decades. 

Cathey Brown 

Cathey Brown is the Founder and CEO of Rainbow Days, Inc. a Dallas based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and prepare children to live a life filled with hope and promise.”  Mrs. Brown is the developer of the NREPP approved Curriculum Based Support Group (CBSG®) Program and is a national speaker on working with at-risk children and youth as well as non-profit management and capacity building.  Since 1982, Rainbow Days has reached more than 170,000 children in the Dallas area and trained more than 18,000 individuals as CBSG® Facilitators. 

Gordon Bruin 

Gordon S. Bruin M.A., C.M.H.C, is an American Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in the education and treatment of addiction issues.  He has served as a Program Services Manager for Utah County Division of Substance Abuse for the past 10 years and is the founder of InnerGold Counseling services.

He received his graduate degree from John F. Kennedy University in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Addiction Studies in 1994.  He is also a graduate of the “Addiction Technology Transfer Center Leadership Institute.”   He is a trainer for the evidenced based practice called Motivation Interviewing and is the author of the Innergold Treatment Manual’s and “The Language of Recovery.”  Gordon has worked in the addictions field for 20 years.

Skylee Campbell 

Born in Vernal, Utah, Skylee Campbell is currently an undergraduate student at Utah Valley University majoring in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology. She is a member of UVU’s Honors Program, working toward gradutaion in the spring of 2014. She will then be pursuing a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. 

Dick Dillion 

Dick Dillon has worked in the behavioral health field for over 30 years, and has served on a variety of local and national task forces focused on improving clinical and administrative practices. He is the Immediate Past President of the State Associations of Addictive Services (SAAS) organization, and the current board President of the NIATX Foundation. Mr. Dillon has been an adjunct faculty member on the staff of three universities, and is a Diplomat of the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling, and Psychotherapy. 

Mark Disselkoen 

Mark Disselkoen, is Project Manager at the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT).  He is an LCSW and LADC and has worked in the field of substance use and mental health treatment for over 20 years.  Previously, Mr. Disselkoen was employed by the Nevada Single State Authority (SSA) as a prevention program supervisor, lead accreditor, and certification specialist.  These responsibilities provided extensive experience working with prevention and treatment programs in rural/frontier areas. Mr. Disselkoen has extensive clinical experience as a licensed clinical social worker and licensed alcohol and drug counselor in Nevada.  Mr. Disselkoen was also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  

Russ Gaede 

Dr. Russ Gaede holds a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, a post-master’s certificate in marriage and family therapy, and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. He is the Executive Director of Life Enhancement Center (, former chair of the Utah licensure board for Counselors, and has taught psychology classes at UVU. Dr. Gaede received the 2009 Professional Contributions to the Field award from the Utah Mental Health Counselor Association. 

Karl Hale 

For over 15 years, Karl Hale has taught life skills through juggling to thousands of people in businesses, public schools and universities. He discovered the power of juggling as an educational tool when pursuing his graduate degree in business at Brigham Young University and has since developed it through practical experience in boardrooms, schoolrooms, workshops, and conference halls. However, the most important juggling lessons he has learned are at home with his dexterous wife, Ana Lisa, and their eight talented children.

Karl juggles life from his home base in Mapleton, Utah.

Jason King 

Dr. Jason King holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. He is the Clinical Director of Life Enhancement Center (, the current chair of the Utah licensure board for Counselors, and has taught psychology classes at UVU. Dr. King received the 2011-2012 Mental Health Counselor of the Year award from the American Mental Health Counselors Association. 

Michael McLean 

For 25 years Michael McLean has been changing lives with his tender songs and candid messages. He has shared the “hard stories” — those from his own life and those of others — and has sung us all the way to light at the end of the tunnel. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that for every person, twist, or turn along life’s path, Michael McLean has the perfect song. With a background in film, McLean began early in his career making commercials for radio and television, receiving numerous national and international awards for advertising. Such awards included the prestigious Clio Award, National Addy Award, New York Ad Club’s Andy Award, two National Emmy Finalists Awards, and the Bronze Lion at the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition to his music and films, McLean has also authored four books with accompanying CDs – Distant Serenade, Hold on the Light Will Come: And Other Lessons My Songs Have Taught Me, The Forgotten Carols, and most recently, From God’s Arms to My Arms to Yours. Michael and his wife Lynne have three children and live in Utah.

Randy Muck 

Randolph D. Muck, M.Ed., served as the Chief, Targeted Populations Branch at SAMHSA. Upon his retirement after thirty-three years of federal service devoted to treatment for youth and families, and the development and training of evidence-based practice leading to two highly successful Type IV Clinical Trials, he founded Advocates for Youth and Family Behavioral Health Treatment, LLC, focusing on improving identification, access, screening, assessment, treatment, continuing care and ongoing supportive services for youth and families. Randy has his M.Ed. in Counseling from Boston University, served as a field site practicum supervisor for Boston University, was a field site supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, was chosen by the military to travel to S. Korea to provide training in his accomplishments to the treatment centers there and is currently a member of the Reclaiming Futures National Advisory Council.  He has numerous peer reviewed publications on adolescent treatment and restructuring treatment systems.  

Rebecca Munger 

Rebecca Jones Munger is the Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Coordinator for the County of Sonoma, Department of Health Services. She is a registered nurse with more than 30 years experience in maternal-child health, with a focus on care of vulnerable populations including women with substance use disorders. Ms. Munger received her B.S. in nursing from McGill University; Nurse Midwifery Certificate from University of Southern California and Masters in Public Health from Touro University. She has worked as a labor & delivery nurse, childbirth educator, and women’s health practitioner. Prior to joining public health in 2002, Ms. Munger served on the faculty of the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program for seventeen years coordinating their women’s health programs.

Richard Nance 

Richard Nance has been the Director of the Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment since 1998.  He holds a Masters Degree in social work from Brigham Young University, a certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling from the University of Utah, and a Masters in Health administration from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  Richard is an adjunct faculty member at Utah Valley University and BYU where he teaches behavioral health courses and guest lectures on public policy.  

Gray Otis 

Gray Otis is the clinical director of the Phoenix Recovery Center, an adult residential substance abuse treatment program, and is also in private practice working with individuals and couples. He is licensed in Utah as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and earned master's degrees in mental health counseling and organizational behavior as well as a doctorate in counseling psychology. He has done post-graduate training in addictions, domestic violence, and trauma treatment.

During 2010-2013, he served on the board of the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) as president and is a previous president of the Utah Mental Health Counselors Association. He currently serves on the Behavioral Healthcare Workforce Workgroup of the Utah Substance Abuse Advisory Council. He has been recognized as a Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Trauma by AMHCA. His approach to counseling integrates personal awareness and empathic understanding with evidence-based practice. He advocates the development of compellingly positive self-beliefs to create effective treatment outcomes.

Amy Peden 

Amy Peden, MSC, CMHC obtained a Master of Science in Counseling degree from the University of Phoenix. She has over 15 years experience working in youth treatment facilities, adult substance abuse facilities, outpatient clinics, and providing in-home counseling. Amy has presented at both state and national conferences, chaired the Utah Mental Health Counselor's Association Graduate Student Committee, and served as a board member for the Utah Mental Health Counselor's Association, and is a member of the American Mental Health Counselor's Association. Amy currently lives in Mapleton, Utah with her 4 daughters, husband, dog, and 15 chickens. 

Barbara Sullivan 

Dr. Barbara Sullivan has worked extensively in both school and community based substance abuse prevention and treatment programs. From 1990-2002, Dr. Sullivan served as Director for Salt Lake County's Division of Substance Abuse Services where she oversaw the development of Utah's first detoxification program for women with children, the first jail based therapeutic community for incarcerated substance abusing offenders, the first assessment staff embedded in the Third District Family Dependency Drug Court, and the first Medicaid funding stream for substance abusing women with dependent children. Since joining the Utah Addiction Center in 2002, Dr, Sullivan has provided leadership in developing model public policy and legislation to integrate primary and behavioral health services. She teaches in the Graduate School of Social Work and serves as the Project Director/Principal Investigator for the Central Rockies ATTC. She has provided training on the prevention and treatment of addictions, adolescent brain development, and cognitive impairment to audiences throughout the country.

Terese Voge 

Terese Voge, MPA has over 15 years of project management experience. She is currently managing health programs in the areas of alcohol and other drugs, tobacco, and violence prevention for the County of Sonoma.  Previously, she oversaw the development of publications and curricula for an organization that provides statewide training and technical assistance in the areas of substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion.  Ms. Voge is a leader on multiple community coalitions and partnerships addressing the health and well-being of children and families. Her expertise includes the use of public policy, advocacy, community education, and community needs assessment to improve health. She was honored by the County of Sonoma as a Public Health Champion in 2008 in the category of Ensuring the Quality and Accessibility of Health Services.