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Patrick McKenna



Actor Patrick McKenna may be best known for his fifteen years of television work portraying Red Green's nerdy techno geek nephew Harold, or perhaps you know him from his any number of other film or television performances - but it's his work on the award winning Documentary "ADD and Loving it" that brings Patrick the most satisfaction. 

Patrick's presentation laughingly looks back on the life choices and behavioral patterns that he (or ADD) made to get him to where he is today. 

Patrick's story illuminates the importance of an early diagnosis, the dangers of self-medication, the difficulties within work and family relationships – and he does it all with sense of humour and optimism.


Dr. Brooks earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology (with an emphasis in neuropsychology) from Brigham Young University and completed his pre-doctoral psychology internship at the Henry Ford Health Sciences Center in Detroit, Michigan. He currently is the president of the Utah chapter of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), and he was recently appointed as chairperson for the Disability Issues Advisory Committee (DIAC) at BYU. He has been the Director of the University Accessibility Center since December 2006.

William Erb WILLIAM A. ERB, MS, LPC, NCC  

Bill graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in psychology. He continued on to receive his graduate degrees from Brigham Young University in counseling and school psychology. He is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a nationally certified counselor (NCC). Bill is the director of Student Health Services and a mental health therapist within the Health Center. 
Melanie Hatch MELANIE HATCH  

Melanie is the coordinator for CHADD of Utah. CHADD is an international organization that helps families and individuals dealing with the challenges of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). She has worked as a volunteer in CHADD for the past 20 years.


Jack L. Jensen Ed.D. is a licensed psychologist and currently the Director of Psychological Services at Utah Valley University. Dr. Jensen has been in professional practice over 38 years. Most of his work has been with college age students at UVU. He also maintains a part time private practice. He has worked with families, couples and individuals who struggle with a variety of emotional/behavioral problems that impair their success in life.




Cameron earned his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Arizona.


Carolyn has been involved in the education field for 30 years; first as a teacher for Davis School District, and secondly as an instructor for Chadd's (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) Parent to Parent Program in Davis County. Along with Linda Sorenson, and Linda Smith, Carolyn also taught educators through in-service classes and mentoring programs, the intricacies of teaching students with ADHD. As a parent of children with ADHD and other learning disabilities, she has been in a real life ADHD laboratory and strongly advocates for the underdog. Educated at BYU, and currently involved with ADHD coach training, she loves working with youth, their parents, young adults, and college students to empower them to learn how to manage their ADHD. Currently Carolyn is working at Intralife Performance Center in Farmington, Utah as an ADHD coach.


Janis McKenna didn't start out to be a public speaker, but after her debut within the documentary "ADD AND LOVING IT" – people wanted to hear more of her perspective as a successful spouse and mother of "ADDers". Janis' natural charm, intelligence, patience and humor serve her well in surviving/maintaining positive family relationships.


Julie is a Parent Consultant at the Utah Parent Center providing parent, training, information, referral, and assistance to parents of children and youth with disabilities and the professionals who serve them. She is the parent of several children with disabilities and special needs. With her husband, Julie has been a foster parent of a large number of children, many who have had special needs. She has also trained foster parents for the State of Utah. Julie specializes in working with families who speak Spanish and dealing with ADHD in the family.


Joanna is an academic researcher and a special education teacher with experience, in elementary and secondary settings, within the public education system. Joanna knows the struggles of ADHD students to do well in school. She has taken a creative approach to develop simplified educational applications to meet these needs. She has presented her insights at several state, national, and international educational conferences on a variety of topics addressing the needs of struggling students. She offers solutions.  

 Klayne Rasmussen KLAYNE I. RASMUSSEN 

Dr. Rasmussen's vision is a safe haven for couples, families and individuals to excel in life and in relationships. IntraLife Performance Centers provide clients with tools and strategies needed to help them in every aspect of life.

With more than 17 years of therapy and training experience, Dr. Rasmussen uses various approaches to treat the individual and family collectively. His clinical specializations have always been marriage, ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorders, depression and abuse issues. Dr. Rasmussen's approach is to help people in the context of their relationship systems that influence every aspect of their lives. He incorporated the use of Neurofeedback into his practice as an additional means of helping people with attention, anxiety and depression struggles significantly improve their lives and functioning.


Dr. Adam Schwebach is the director of Neuropsychology Center of Utah. He completed his doctorate degree in educational psychology from the University of Utah specializing in neuropsychology. Dr. Schwebach speaks nationally to parents and educators on topics, including ADHD, executive functioning deficits, Autism and effective behavioral management strategies and has co-authored several professional articles and book chapters on similar topics. Dr. Schwebach is the co-founder of and, interactive websites that provide diversion programs to adolescents on topics related to cell phone safety and sexting.


Jodi is the founder of the movement for ADHD coaching for youth. As the creator of the ADHD youth coaching model used in the groundbreaking two year coaching research study (2010), Jodi is seen as the foremost expert in the field of ADHD coaching for youth. She is president of JST Coaching, LLC, a premiere coach training company focused on ADHD youth coaching and the author of Empowering Youth With ADHD (2010). JST Coaching offers the only training courses focused on coaching youth with ADHD, now available in English, Spanish and Turkish.



Linda joined the Utah Parent Center (UPC) staff in September 2005. Previously, she employed by Work Ability Utah, Utah Department of Health. For 13 years Linda was a public policy specialist as Co-Director for the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities. Linda currently holds a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Utah State University. She is also a person with ADD and learning disabilities as well as a parent of successful adult sons with disabilities. 
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