Autism Minor
Starting Fall 2014

The Minor in Autism Studies is beneficial to anyone needing to work with, or interact with, those who have an ASD. This would include those in supervisory positions overseeing ASD adults, educators who may have students with an ASD diagnosis in their classrooms, counselors and medical professionals, emergency services personnel, librarians and other city personnel, and anyone seeking additional information and insight. The minor is housed in the Behavioral Sciences department but is open to students from all disciplines across campus. There are six courses included in the Minor in Autism Studies.

Required Courses:

Course Name Credit Hours
SW 2500 Understanding the Autism Spectrum 3
SW 3810 Autism across the Lifespan I: Infants and Children 3
SW 3820 Autism across the Lifespan II: Teens and Adults 3
SW 3850 Autism Assessment and Treatment 3
SW 482R Field Placement 3
SW 482R Autism Seminar 1
SW 4650 Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis 3

Total Credits: 19

For further information please contact Dr. Teresa Cardon at 801.863.5517 or