Request for creative services

Vegor Pedersen

My name is Vegor Pedersen and I am the communication specialist for the College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Utah Valley University. As an alum of the college (BS in Communication-Journalism with a minor in Humanities) and a full-time staff member since 2009, I bring a lot of institutional knowledge to this position. As a former editor of the school newspaper I have contacts all over campus. I am a public relations writer, graphic designer, and a web developer.

My job is to help tell the CHSS story to a wide variety of audiences. Students need to know about upcoming classes, administrators and other decision-makers need to see the fine work that we produce, and external audiences are interested in our conferences, lectures, and other events. 

A good portion of my time is spent helping the dean and his office staff with college-wide initiatives, but I also make time for individual departments and professors. I have built ads for programs, individual courses and events; created websites and other online material; designed and implemented integrated social media marketing campaigns; written press releases that have been picked up by state-wide news agencies; and designed and paginated event programs.

I have also put together resources for the do-it-your-selfer. Check out my event planning guideline document. 

If you are interested in using me as a resource please fill out the form below:




Once I receive your request I will contact you via e-mail to set up a time table, and perhaps bounce ideas around. Please be aware the creative services take time to develop and implement properly.