Tournament Format

Tournament Format

Coaches meeting will be held at 5:30 PM on Friday, March 27, at the Utah Valley University PE Building with pool play to begin immediately following.

Last minute changes can and usually are made so each team MUST have a representative at the 5:30 PM coaches meeting.

Pool play will determine seeding for a modified elimination tournament based on match record, game record, and point differential if necessary within each pool. All teams will advance to Saturday's tournament to be held at Utah Valley University.

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Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
BC Setme - Brad Collins University of Utah A Idahomies - Tyler Fenton Pound Control - Kendall Berry
ITT Tech Alumni - Cory Metcalf Bumpin Uglies - Justin Nickels The Killers - Brett Peterson Utah Valley University B
Utah Valley University A Rexburg Athletics B - Skyler Nelson Mo Betta - Jahren Makanoa University of Utah B
Rexburg Athletics A - Deron Togo Pup n Suds - John Sheen MMPR - Pierson Baldwin Utah State University B

Pool Play will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday night. Saturday morning tournament matches will begin at 9:00 AM.

Time Teams Ref
6:00 PM 1 vs 4 2
6:50 PM 2 vs 3 1
7:40 PM 1 vs 3 4
8:30 PM 2 vs 4 3
9:20 PM 3 vs 4 2
10:10 PM or 8:00 AM 1 vs 2 3
modified elimination tournament will start on Saturday AT UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY at 9:00 AM. USA Volleyball / MWVC / NCVF rules are in effect. Any changes or modifications of the rules will be announced at the 5:30 PM coaches meeting. All matches are best of 3 with first two games to 25 and third to 15 (if necessary). All games are rally score with no cap.
You can view the partially completed bracket here: