2015 Outdoor Doubles Volleyball Tournaments

Memorial Day Madness - Monday, May 25
Freedom Festival - Saturday, June 20
UVU Coed, Jr's, Parent-Child - Saturday, July 3
Labor Day Club Classic - Monday, Sept 7
Back to School Reverse Coed - Saturday, Sept 19

online pre-registration discount will be available until 12 p.m. (noon) on the day before the tournament.
check-in and registration 8:00 - 8:45 AM
play begins at 9:30 AM
The September 19 Reverse Coed tournament will be played on the grass fields on the SOUTHEAST side of the UVU campus behind the Wee Care Center. The best place to park is at the Extended Education Building parking lot M28 near 450 West and 1200 South in Orem and walk across Wolverine Way to the grass fields.
$25 online pre-registration per player will be accepted until 12 p.m. noon on the day before the tournament.
$30 on-site registration per player will be accepted between 8:00 am and 8:45 am on the day of the event.
There is a $10 discount for UOVA members - Become a UOVA member today!
2 on 2 Grass Divisions:
Parent-Child (children 14 yrs old and under with a parent) July 3 and Sept 19 only
Juniors (players 15 yrs old and under) July 3 only
Novice (new players developing their skills)
B (consistent recreational players)
A (experienced competitive players)
AA (highly competitive collegiate athletes and professional players)

Men's and Women's Divisions Rule Clarifications:

Eight grass divisions (four men's and four women's) will be offered on May 25th, June 20th, and September 7th (AA, A, B, and Novice). Coed teams may play in men's divisions. Boys 14 and under may compete in any women's division. All divisions will play on short (8m x 8m) courts with antennae.

Coed Division Rule Clarifications:

Two women may play together in a coed division (but one must play with the male restrictions in Reverse Coed). Boys 14 and under may play with another male in any coed division. Regular coed divisions will be played on a men's height net on July 3. Reverse coed divisions will be played on a women's height net on September 19. Men may not attack or block the ball in front of the 10' line in reverse coed on September 19. All divisions will play on short (8m x 8m) courts with antennae.

Juniors Division Rule Clarifications:

The Juniors division is for any youth who are currently 15 and younger. One boy must be 14 or younger to play with another male in this and any other coed division. Two girls may play together on July 3. Juniors divisions are played on a women's height net.

Parent-Child Division Rule Clarifications:

This division on Saturday, July 3rd and September 19th, is open to any gender parent and child (14 years old or younger). Parents with youth over 14 are encouraged to play in the Novice division. The Parent-Child division will be played on a women's height net with the short (8m x 8m) court. Participation prizes will be given to every child.

The parent-child division is for the purpose of the child to have a positive experience and to get as many touches on the ball as possible. It is not for the purpose of the parent to dominate the match. As our children get bigger, and they express an interest in the sport of volleyball, we want to give them a division that they can participate in and not feel intimidated. That is why the parent-child division was developed.

In order to put the adults on a level playing field and for the safety of the children, adults may not contact the ball, above the height of the net, when the ball is attacked. This includes legal tipping, roll shots, and setting the ball over when the ball is above the height of the net. The adults also may not block. There are no restrictions on serving. However, it is recommended that if the adult serves the child they do so at the child's skill level.


Invite your friends, family, and neighbors!
The tournaments are open to ANYBODY to play at any skill level (participants under 18 years old must have written permission).
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