Alumni Spotlight

Wyatt Semanek

  • Where are you from?

    Heisenberg Country aka Albuquerque, New MexicoWyatt Semanek

  • When did you graduate?

    December, 2013

  • Why did you decide to major in Communication and concentrate in PR?

    I’ve always wanted to help businesses become more successful. I greatly enjoy seeing the transformation of an unknown business turn into “the talk of the town.”

  • What is one thing on your bucket list?

    Interview Barry Bonds aka The Greatest Baseball Player That Ever Lived.

  • What is your favorite food?

    Hands down, a juicy steak.

  • What is your favorite movie?

    I don’t have a favorite, but I like Zodiac, Bigger Stronger Faster, The Invention of Lyin.

  • What words of advice would you give to current students majoring in Communication?

    Talk to graduates. See what classes they took and how they have applied what they learned to what they are doing now. Use them to get connected. Read the news… consistently! Learn to love writing and editing. There is plenty more advice I’d like to give, but this webpage couldn’t handle it. That being the case, contact me on social media!