Why UVU Communication?

UVU Department of Communication
  • The Utah Valley University Communication Department is shaping students to become the industry’s next top  leaders in Journalism, Public Relations and Speech Communication. The department prepares students with the  necessary skills to communicate visually, orally and through written documentation within the context demanded by the business world. Students are also prepared with a solid ethical foundation and an understanding of  diversity and multiculturalism.

    The Communication Department offers Associate and Bachelor degrees of the Arts and Science with their respective concentrations in Journalism, Public Relations and Speech Communication. The UVU Communication Department is rapidly growing and creating exciting opportunities with their Clubs and internships. Many of our students that have earned a bachelor degree in communications can be found in some of the top companies around the country. The Communications Department also provides internships and networking trips that give students real life work experience and the opportunity to create the connections that will propel them to the next level of their careers. Please see the statistics below to learn more about our past and current enrollment numbers.