2013 Legislative Session Weekly Updates

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UVU Legislative Presentation

The following are the 2013 Legislative Priorities for UVU. Click here to download the 2-page pdf highlighting these priorities. If you have any questions, please contact Cameron Martin, VP of University Relations, at 801-863-8514 or by emailing cameron.martin@uvu.edu.

1. Classroom/Office Building

250,000 sq. ft., $55 million

Over the last five years, UVU has grown by 7,700 students (32% increase) and is projected to enroll 46,340 students in Fall 2020. In order to meet this demand, 1.4 million square feet of space is needed. In addition to its need for more classrooms, the University is also facing a critical shortage of faculty office space.

UVU officespace proposal image and mapFTE stuedent chart

UVU is seeking a 250,000 sq. ft. classroom/office building that has 234 offices, 4 conference rooms, 11,704 sq. ft. of study space and a 1,000 seat auditorium. It will add 38 new classrooms. Total classroom seats - 3,189.

Ranks 1st through Regents' and Building Board's scoring processes.

2. Equity Funding

A recent independent study commissioned by the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) showed that UVU receives a disproportionately low amount of state funding compared to the state’s other institutions of higher education.

State appropriated funds account for just 38.15 percent of UVU’s overall budget, falling well below the USHE median of 51.9 percent. As a consequence, UVU students pay a higher portion of their education relative to their peers at other USHE institutions.

taxfundslist chartUVU current dollars per student FTE

Over the past 5 years UVU has increased its efficiency (cost per student FTE). However, with decreases in state funding per student FTE, the financial burden to students (tuition and fees) has increased by $847 (22%).

equity chart *Though tax funding as a percentage of appropriated revenue is at an all time low, it has leveled out thanks to equity funding.

3. Compensation

The current USHE objective for its institutions is to compensate employees to at least 90% of median market value. A large portion of UVU faculty and staff fall below this mark. Among staff, a large portion fall even below 80% of median market value.

UVU respectfully requests, in partnership with USHE, that all higher education employees be included in any state appropriated employee cost of living adjustments.

Board of Regents 2013 Legislative Priorities

UVU supports the Utah State Board of Regents' 2013 base increase operating budget request and legislative priorities (approved September 14, 2012), which are:

priority list chart

Legislative Quick Facts (pdf) pdf download link

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