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Mission Statement

Community College Programs (CCP) is dedicated to supporting academic departments in providing a wide range of quality academic, vocational, technical, and workforce training opportunities designed to assist students in attaining their goals, while realizing their talents and professional potential. These opportunities include Certificates, AA, AS and AAS degrees.


Community College Programs consists of the following three academic divisions:


Career and Technical Education programs at UVU are designed to prepare students for employment in high-demand and higher-paying career fields. The entry point into a high-paying job can happen with just an Associate of Science, an Associate of Applied Science, Diploma or Certificate in any of the approved Career & Technical Education programs 

Career and Technical Education coordinates and promotes initiatives to develop more fully the academic, career and technical skills of secondary education students. Additional initiatives support the transition of post-secondary education students who elect to enroll in career and technical education programs and efforts for strategic workforce development.

Career and Technical Education at UVU will support and provide opportunities for students to acquire and use high-quality technical and career skills through focused, engaged learning to prepare them for meaningful employment in a competitive global workforce.


Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is a UVU–High School partnership program, where qualified secondary students can earn college credit. College classes are taught at local high schools by UVU-approved high school instructors using UVU curricula.

High school students can also participate in CE through live interactive courses. These are taught by UVU professors and broadcast in real-time to high school classrooms.

The UVU CE program is the ideal way to provide high school students with access to, preparation for and the experience of higher education. Program requirements include being a high school junior or senior, having a 3.0 GPA for academic courses and a 2.0 GPA for any CTE courses. 



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