Certificates and Two-Year Degrees







Accounting   X   X X
Administrative Information Support & Management       X  
Administrative Information Management       X
Administrative Support   X      
Art & Visual Communications   X  X  X  
Art & Visual Comm/Graphic Design         X
Art & Visual Comm/Photography         X
Art & Visual Comm/Illustration         X
Automotive Technology   X   X X
Behavioral Science     X X  
Biology     X X  
Building Inspection Technology         X
Business Management   X  
Cabinetry & Architectural Woodwork    X  
Collision Repair Technology    X    
Collision Repair Technology/Street Rod         X
Communication     X X  
Community Health     X X  
Computer Science       X  
Computer Science, Computer Engineering         X
Computer Science, Computing & Networking Sciences           X
Computer Science Programmer    X      
Construction Management         X
Criminal Justice     X X  
Culinary Arts         X
Dance       X  
Dental Hygiene         X
Diesel Mechanics Technology    X    
Digital Communication Technology         X
Digital Cinema X        
Early Care and Education   X      
Early Childhood Education       X  
Electrical Automation & Robotics Technology       X X
Emergency Services Emergency Care       X  
Emergency Services Firefighter   X      
Emergency Services Paramedic   X      
Emergency Services Fire Officer       X  
Emergency Services Wildland Fire Management       X  
English     X X  
English:  Technical Communication     X  
Engineering Graphics & Design Technology          
Ethics X        
Exercise Science & Outdoor Recreation     X  
Facilities Management         X
Geomatics       X  
History & Political Science     X X  
Hospitality Management       X X
Humanities     X X  
Information Systems & Technology       X
Integrated Studies     X X  
Law Enforcement X        
Legal Studies  X    
Licensed Substance Abuse Counseling X        
Mathematics     X X  
Mechatronics Technology         X
Music       X  
Network Administration    X      
Philosophy     X X  
Pre-Engineering       X  
Technology Management         X
Water & Wastewater Operations   X