Program Offerings

Academic Outreach is comprised of Community and Continuing Education, Concurrent Enrollment, and the Wasatch Campus. It coordinates with and supports academic departments in offering certificates and two-year degrees. For detailed information on a given department or academic program, please refer to the information provided under each alphabetically-listed department name in this catalog or contact the appropriate academic advisor.

  • Certificate Programs

Certificates of Proficiency are designed to impart immediately transferrable skills for a specific set of job duties in less than one year of study.

Certificates of Completion are one-year programs that offer expanded skill sets and a deeper general knowledge of the area of study.

  • Two-Year Degree Programs

There are three types of associate degrees:  Associate of Art (AA), Associate of Science (AS), and Associate of Applied Science (AAS).

AA and AS degrees:

  • are intended for students who plan to continue on for a four-year undergraduate degree
  • emphasize introductory-level courses that can usually be transferred for credit at a university
  • allow graduates to enter the workforce after earning their degree rather than continuing their education
  • are typically less-immediately skilled than students who earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

AAS degree:

  • is intended for students who plan to enter the workforce after completing their degree
  • prepares graduates for work in their chosen field emphasizing job skills
  • is usually terminal, meaning students who earn them are typically not planning to further their education
  • can be applied toward a four-year degree, but are typically not as well aligned for entry into bachelor degree programs as an AS degree

Most associate degrees typically take two years of full-time study to complete.  While AA and AAS degrees have similar core curriculum, combined of both arts and sciences, the AAS places a higher focus on math and science classes.  The AA degree uses both liberal arts and sciences as part of the core curriculum.  An AA degree also prepares students to continue on for a four-year degree.

Career and Technical Education Program List

Listing of Certificates and Associate Degrees by Program


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