Reporting Compliance Concerns

Everyone bears responsibility for creating and maintaining a culture of compliance throughout the institution. This includes asking questions when you are not sure what to do and raising concerns if you see something you don't think is right.

The following resources are available for reporting suspected non-compliance:

Ask the President

E-mail is used to broadcast general announcements from the Office of University Compliance to the institution. It can be utilized as a tool for employees to inquire about compliance issues related to a wide-variety of issues. Employee may utilize if they require assistance with a compliance-related matter but are unsure of who to contact. is not intended for handling employee grievances, such as complaints about working conditions, performance evaluations, wages, merit raises or hours of work. Employees are encouraged to address employment compliance concerns through normal administrative channels such as talking with their supervisor, contacting the Office of Human Resources, and/or following the institution's grievance procedures.