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SemesterMinimum Grade LevelOrem
Course Name
Instructor NameUVU Course NameCredit HoursUVU Course NumberCRN
FallJuniorAdv. Comm PhotoTuttle, GinaPhotography I FF3ART1050H17Registration Closed
SpringJuniorAdv. Comm PhotoTuttle, GinaPhotography I FF3ART1050H1717288
Full YearJuniorWoodworking (Year 3)Gurr, KevinResidential Cabinetry4CAW1130H17Registration Closed
Full YearJuniorWoodworking (Year 1)Gurr, KevinMillworking and Safety Shop I5CAW1140H17Registration Closed
Full YearJuniorWoodworking (Year 2)Gurr, KevinMillworking Shop II5CAW1240H17Registration Closed
Full YearJuniorDigital MediaBrown, MatthewDigital Media Essentials I4DGM1110H17Registration Closed
FallJuniorTechnical Design IGurr, KevinIntroduction to Engineering Drawing and Technical Design2EGDT1000H17Registration Closed
SpringJuniorTechnical Design IGurr, KevinIntroduction to Engineering Drawing and Technical Design2EGDT1000H1715636
SpringJuniorTechnical Design II (1040)Gurr, KevinComp Aided Drafting-AutoCAD3EGDT1040H1723543
FallJuniorTechnical Design II (1040)Gurr, KevinComputer Aided Drafting-AutoCAD3EGDT1040H17Registration Closed
FallJunior3D engineering DesignGurr, Kevin3-D Modeling- Soildworks3EGDT1071H17Registration Closed
Full YearSeniorCollege WritingWilliams, EverettIntroduction to Writing CC3ENGL1010H18Registration Closed
Full YearJuniorAP Environmental ScienceSteele, RobertIntroduction to Environmental Management3ENVT1110H17Registration Closed
FallJuniorEmergency Medical ServicesSteele, RobertFirst Aid 2HLTH1200H17Registration Closed
SpringJuniorEmergency Medical ServicesSteele, RobertFirst Aid 2HLTH1200H1713721
Full YearJuniorExercise Science - Sports MedSteele, RobertFirst Aid2HLTH1200H17Registration Closed
SpringJuniorMedical TerminologySteele, RobertMedical Terminology I2HLTH1300H17 25055
FallJuniorMedical TerminologySteele, RobertMedical Terminology I2HLTH1300H17Registration Closed
SpringJuniorComputer Technology 2Hall, MyrnaBusiness Computer Proficiency3IM2010H1721888
Full YearJuniorSpanish 4Kutsulis, Amy BBeginning Spanish II LH4SPAN1020H17Registration Closed
Full YearJuniorAP Spanish LangKutsulis, Amy BIntermediate Spanish I LH4SPAN2010H17Registration Closed