UVU Course Syllabi | 2013-2014

The syllabus for each course offered concurrently is reviewed and updated annually by each UVU department. Changes are presented and discussed at the Concurrent Enrollment Professional Development Conference. If there are questions about the content of a syllabus, please contact the CE liaison.

Instructors should add personal contact information as well as a high school logo to the course syllabus. This document should be distributed along with the high school disclosure document the beginning week of the course.

Subject Course Title

ACC 1150 Fundamentals of Bus Math GM
ART 1010 Introduction to Visual Arts FF
ART 1050 Photography I FF
ART 1020 Drawing I FF
ART 1120 2D Design
ART 1340 Sculpture I FF
ARTH 2720 Hist Art from Renaissance FF
ASL 1020 Beginning Sign Language II
ASL 2010 American Sign Language
ASTR 1040 Introduction to Astronomy
AUT 1110 Brake Systems & AUT 111L Brake Systems Lab
AUT 1130 Engine Repair & AUT 113L Engine Repair Lab
AUT 1160 Automotive Electrical Systems & Lab
AUT 1170 Automotive Electrical Theory & Lab
AUT 1210 Suspension and Steer Systems & AUT 121L Suspension and Steer Sys Lab
AUT 1230 Engine Performance & AUT 123L Engine Performance Lab
AVSC 1010 Survey of Aviation Science GP
AVSC 1100 Ground Private Pilot
BCCM 1190 Framing and Concrete Lab & BCCM 1220 Finishing Lab
BIOL 1010 General Biology BB & BIOL 1015 General Biology Laboratory
BTEC 1010 Fund of Biotech I Career Surv
CAW 1130 Residential Cabinetry
CAW 1140 Millworking and Safety Shop I
CAW 1240 Millworking Shop II
CHEM 1010 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 1015 Introduction to Chemistry Lab

CMGT 1190 Framing and Concrete & CMGT 1220 Finish
COMM 1020 Public Speaking
COMM 1050 Introduction to Speech
CRT 1110 Surface Preparation & CRT 111L Surface Prep Lab
CRT 1120 Nonstructural Repair & CRT 112L Nonstructual Repair Lab
CRT 1130 Overall Refinish Prob Solving & CRT 113L Overall Refinish Prob Solving
CRT 1140 Panel Replacement Adjustment & CRT 114L Lab
CRT 1210 Blending Tinting and Detailing & CRT 1210 Blending Tinting & Detailing Lab
CRT 1230 Welding and Cutting & CRT 1230 Welding & Cutting Lab
CS 1030 Foundations of Computer Science
CS 1400 Fundamentals of Programming
CS 1410 Object Oriented Programming
DANC 1200 Beginning Modern Dance GF
DANC 141R Intro Mod Dnc Tech Theory GF
DGM 1110 Digital Media Essentials I
DGM 2010 Business Computer Proficiency
ECON 1010 Economics as Social Science SS
EGDT 1000 Basic Drafting
EGDT 1040 Comp Aided Drafting AutoCAD
EGDT 1070 3 Dimension Computer Modeling
EGDT 1100 Architectural Drafting
EGDT 2020 Descriptive Geometry
ENGL 1010 Intro to Writing CC
ENGR 1000 Intro to Engineering
ENVT 1110 Intro to Environmental Mgmt
ESFF 1000 Intro to Emergency Services