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Expanding Your Horizons Girl's Conference

March 22, 2014 UVU
Sorensen Student Center
$25 Admissions

Schedule Overview/Program

Expanding Your Horizons - Saturday, March 22, 2014
Utah Valley University – Sorensen Student Center


8:00-9:00 Registration Check-In (Commons)

9:10-10:00 Workshop 1

10:10-11:00 Workshop 2

11:10-12:00 Workshop 3

12:10-1:00 Lunch – KEYNOTE SPEAKER AND LUNCH (Grande Ballroom)

1:10-3:10 Informational Booths (Hall of Flags)

Conference Program

Student & Parent/Educator Workshop Descriptions

Student Workshops:

Aquatic & Marine Biology: Dive into the study of plants and animals living and growing in our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Archaeology: Move over Indiana Jones! Dig into the field of discovering artifacts and how they can teach us about cultures of the past.

Architecture, Drafting & Design Technology: Get a blueprint of the diverse opportunities in planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of buildings and explore the career options in Mechanical, Civil, Survey, and Electrical Drafting!

Astronomy & Space Physics: Reach for the stars and encounter the wonders of the night sky and how math and science are used to study the universe. (This workshop is held in the UVU Planetarium!)

Athletic Trainer: Help athletes "get their game on!" by assessing sports injuries, providing treatment, and educating them on injury prevention and healthy lifestyles.

Automotive Technology: Take the ride of your life by learning to inspect, maintain, diagnose, and refinish vehicles.

Aviation: Take flight into the wild blue yonder and learn about flying airplanes and helicopters for commercial, private and/or public service organizations.

Biology: Investigate the living world and learn aboutthe extensive career opportunities in the science of life!

Biotechnology: Uncover the cutting-edge field that uses biology and technology to improve medicine and the use of energy, produce better food, and protect the environment.

Business Management: Interested in running a business? Discover the diverse career choices in managing an existing company or developing a successful new company!

Certified Nurse Midwife: Oh baby! Explore the medical career that specializes in the care for women as their primary healthcare provider during pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

Chemistry: Put on your goggles and experiment with the diverse career options you can have with a degree in chemistry. (This workshop is held in a UVU chemistry lab!).

Clinical Laboratory Science: Investigate becoming an essential member of the health care team that performs vital behind-the-scenes laboratory procedures such as; identifying abnormal blood cells, toxic agents, cancer cells, and more!

Collision repair: (New!) Get your hands dirty doing structural and nonstructural repair, panel fabrication, glass installation, customization, surface preparation and refinishing vehicles.

Computer Science: Love to listen to your iPod and text your friends? Discover the cutting edge career opportunities in computer science and learn how scientists are designing and improving the digital programs and hardware you use every day.

Culinary Arts: (New!) Bake, broil and chop your way to an exciting, face-paced career in professional cooking and baking.

Dental Hygiene: Open wide and say, "Ahhh." Explore the career of assisting a dentist in the preventative treatment and care of teeth.

Dentistry: Sink your teeth into exploring the career of preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries of the teeth, mouth and jaw.

Dietetics: Get a taste for thestudy and career opportunities in nutrition and its connection to a long and healthy life.

Digital Media: Showcase your creativity through animation, cinematic visual effects, digital cinema, mobile computing and computer games.

EART (Electrical Automation & Robotics Technology) /Mechatronics: (New!)Control your future by learning automatic systems, microprocessors, computers, motors and robots.

Engineer: Do you enjoy discovering how things are made and want to be an inventor? Discover how to become an engineer and learn how you can be the designer of the next great technology that can help make the world a better place!

Entrepreneurial/Small Business Development: Have a great idea and a desire to start your own business? Learn how to set up and run your own company.

Environmental Science: Go green and discover how technology, field work, and research are being used to understand and protect our planet and all life on it.

Fire and Rescue Science: Get fired up to learn about what it's like to respond to fire alarms and other emergency calls to protect lives and conduct emergency rescues.

Forensic Science: Uncover the evidence and learn how technical expertise combines with investigative skills to discover and process physical evidence from a crime scene.

Genetics & Molecular Biology: Curious about why we look and behave the way we do?Put on a lab coat and discover the science of genes and heredity and the study of life at the molecular level.

Geology/Earth Science: Rock on and unearth exciting careers in oil and mineral exploration, geologic hazards, water resources, and uncovering our earth's history.

Geomatics: (New!)Survey your future by exploring civil engineering, cartography, land information systems, geodesy and remote sensing.

Graphic Arts: Design your future by exploring how art and technology are used to create exciting graphic designs for packaging, displays, logos and more.

Hospitality Management: Search out how you can be part of one of the world's most exciting industries. Hospitality, travel, and tourism are plentiful in this popular career path. Learn about managing hotels, restaurants, resorts, golf courses, and more!

Information Systems: Navigate the information highway with a career in Information Systems and Technology where you'll learn about networking, programming and web development.

Law: Cross examine the career of protecting the rights of citizens by working in our legal system as a lawyer or judge.

Law Enforcement: Investigate the fast paced and rewarding career of enforcing traffic safety on roads and highways, performing accident and crime investigations, responding to emergencies, and keeping our communities safe.

Marketing: Explore the inventive career that uses a wide variety of advertising techniques to get consumers interested in buying products and services; as well as creating public service announcements, publicizing special events, and more!

Mathematics: Add up the numbers and calculate the field of mathematics and learn why it's the foundation of a majority of today's most exciting (and high-paying) careers.

Media Engineering & Production: And Action! Open the gateway to the innovative fieldof creating movies, animation, music, websites, and other multi-media.

Medical Doctor: Is there a doctor in the house? Explore the fulfilling career of diagnosing illnesses, performing surgical procedures, administering treatments, and rehabilitating patients.

Military Science: Discover the diverse career that can take you all over the world to help protect our country, assist other countries in need, and give aid in the event of natural disasters.

Nursing: Put on a pair of scrubs and examine the rewarding and fast-paced career of treating patients, recording medical symptoms, and aiding in rehabilitation.

Outdoor Recreation: Get ready to fill your backpack and begin the adventure of a rewarding career in working outdoors, being a leader, and empowering people.

Paleontology: Unearth prehistoric times through the excavation and study of plant, animal, and dinosaur fossils.

Pharmacy: Prescribe tothis rewarding career and learn about the technology, science, and math involved in distributing medications.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine: Take a time-out and exercise how to keep people in peak physical fitness, avoid injury, and help them recover from injury.

Psychology: Enter the complex and fascinating world of the brain and behavior and explore careers in counseling, psychiatry, research, and more!

Radiology: Way more than just x-rays!Explore the science and vital technologies that allow us to see the amazing intricacies of the human body and assist in the diagnosing of injuries and diseases.

Robotics: Whether exploring shipwrecks or replacing a missing limb, Robots are extremely useful to humans. Explore the inventive career where engineering and computer science are combined to create robotic systems for manufacturing, exploration, entertainment, military, and personal assistance.

Statistics: Become a statistical sleuth! Data are everywhere: from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, the music we like, and even the text messages we send. Learn how we can use data to make decisions and gain insight into the world around us.

Theatre Technology:Control what happens behind the theater curtain! Learn how technology is used in theater lighting, stage design, sound, and costuming!

Veterinary Medicine: Love animals? Em"bark" on the rewarding career of caring for animals; including preventative medicine, treating disease, and performing surgical procedures.

Veterinary Technology: Be the cat's meow and explore the exciting career of working with animals and assisting a veterinarian with preventative care, diagnosing illnesses, and administering treatments.

Zoology: Tune into yourwild side and discover how to observe, rehabilitate, and work with domestic and exotic animals in their natural habitat and in captivity.

Parent/Educator Workshops:

1. Media Influences and Its Impact on Girls' Body Image and Self Esteem.

2. Resources and Strategies to Help Multicultural, Low-Income, and First Generation College Students Succeed.

3. Gender Equity in the Classroom

4. Resources and Strategies to Prevent Bullying in Schools.

5. Utah Virtual Academy – Discover the New Utah Statewide Online Education Program for 9th – 12th Grade Students.

6. Concurrent Enrollment – Where Qualified Students Can Earn Tuition-Free College Credit.

7. Accessibility Services for Your Student with Disabilities.

Featured Event

Informational Booths will be located in the Hall of Flags! 1:10-3:10 p.m.
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Expanding your horizons is sponsored by: The Equity in Education Center and Turning Point at Utah Valley University.

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