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Copyright Presentations

View the UVU Copyright PowerPoint:  PPT or PPTX

A number of individuals throughout campus have either presented or attended presentations relating to copyright. Below you will find materials from these presentations that can be used for educational purposes.

Title: Copyright & the Electronic Classroom
Format: PowerPoint
Date: 6/9/2004
Author: Janel Mitchell, Distance Education
File: Copyright&EC.ppt

Title: Copyright Policy & Fair Use Statement explained
Format: WordPerfect
Date: 2004
Author: Janel Mitchell, Distance Education
File: Copyright_FairUse_FacMan0704 .wpd

Title: 2007 NBEA Presentation by David Novak
Format: PowerPoint
Date: 2007
Author: David Novak, Bingham McHale LLP, Indianapolis, IN.
File: Copyright NY07.ppt
Restrictions:  Must remain unaltered. Must not charge a fee for presentation.