Library Scenario

Q: May a professor make a copy of an article from a copyrighted periodical held by the library for her files to use later?
A: As long as the professor uses the article for her personal files and reference this is considered fair use.

Q: The library has a book that is out of print and unavailable for purchase. The book is an important one in its field. May the professor copy the book for her files? May the professor then place the book on reserve in the library?
A: Yes, both cases can be considered fair use.
Q: May a professor copy an article from a periodical for distribution to the class.
A: Yes. Distribution of multiple copies for classroom use is a fair use.

Q: May a professor make three copies of a textbook and place them on reserve in the library for class use?
A: No. The professor may place a copy of the textbook, not the copies, on reserve.

Q: May a professor make a copy of a videotape held by the library for a colleague to show in her class.
A: No. The professor may lend her personal copy of the videotape to a colleague for this purpose.

Q: May a professor add a book chapter to the library's electronic reserve system.
A: Yes. The chapter may be added to the system since the library limits access to students enrolled in the class.

Q: May the same professor who will be teaching the same course for three successive semesters keep the chapter on reserve for the three semesters.
A: If the work is out of print and not readily available then the chapter may be on reserve for successive semesters. However, if the book is currently in print and not held by the library, then it would be better to either obtain permission for use the chapter or request that the library purchase a copy of the work.