Research & Grants


CRFS Grant Program

CRFS supports and provides funding for UVU faculty and mentored students to carry out investigations in natural and cultural history, place-based learning, and other scholarly and creative activities that explore the Colorado Plateau and are consistent with the CRFS mission.

CRFS Grant Proposal Guidelines

Instructions: Submit your proposal to to initiate the review process. The CRFS review committee and executive committee will review the proposal and contact you as soon as possible. Your proposal must be submitted at least one month before you expect to begin your project.

Project Title:

Principal Investigator(s) name, phone and email:

Date submitted:

Will this project involve:
Park resources? (Y/N) If yes, attach a permit from Capitol Reef National Park (Request Permit)
Human subject research? (Y/N) If yes, attach a permit from UVU IRB
Other work requiring a permit? (Y/N) If yes, what?

Project Description:
Please address each of the following prompts in a separate, labeled subsection.

  1. Project objectives and/or goals.
  2. Project methods and activities.
  3. Project alignment with CRFS mission.
  4. Broader impacts. (Describe the broader impacts the project will have on students, staff, faculty, visitors, community at large, etc.)
  5. Project outputs (e.g., curriculum development, publications, presentations, web content, creative output, etc.)
  6. References cited

Project Timeline:
In addition to start and completion dates, please describe the measurable, quantifiable benchmarks that will indicate if objectives are met.

Project Budget: Please provide a detailed budget for your project; include the following:

  1. Total budget request from CRFS
  2. Travel (mileage, food*, lodging)
  3. Please indicate any other funding sources for this project

* Note that funding for food is recommended to be $10/person/day

Investigator bios:
Please provide a short biographical note for the primary investigators that addresses how their qualifications bear on the project.


Research involving Park resources requires a permit through the National Park Service. Click Here to apply. 

Past and current projects:

  • Heath Ogden (PI), base-line survey of insects observed near the field station
  • Renee Van Buren (PI), Jennifer Summers and Nick Alvarado-Base line studies of vegetative communities surrounding the field station
  • Phil Matheson/Bonnie Anderson (co PI's)-environmental monitoring of the field station facility