UVU College of Science & Health Mission Statement

The College of Science and Health fully subscribes to the Utah Valley University Mission and Values with their emphases on teaching, student success, and engagement with the local and global communities.

The College is comprised of nine departments: Biology, Chemistry, Community Health, Dental Hygiene, Earth Science, Physical Education and Recreation, Mathematics, Nursing, and Physics. The programs offered by these departments grant bachelor and associate degrees and provide a wide variety of courses to support degrees offered by other programs within the University. The Department of Nursing offers a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.

The College of Science and Health is committed to providing courses and programs to meet community needs for major and professional education, service courses for majors outside the College, general and transfer education, skill development, personal enhancement and career enhancement. The faculty of the College are committed to providing an atmosphere which encourages innovation and opportunities for students and faculty to attain their personal and professional goals. Recognizing students as the priority and focus of the College, College faculty are committed to providing high quality learning experiences in an environment in which students can actively participate in learning, raise questions about assumptions, and develop a scholarly approach to the sciences and health professions. All programs in the College emphasize critical thinking and lifelong learning.

The faculty of the College of Science and Health are committed to

  1. Development of courses and programs that provide students with the knowledge base required to continue into graduate studies or to enter a profession.
  2. Delivery of high quality courses and programs using teaching methodologies that stimulate learning.
  3. Maintenance of faculty expertise in their disciplines and in teaching methods.
  4. Identification and counseling of students who are "at risk."
  5. The use of classroom assessments to determine student progress and course or program evaluation.
  6. Providing students with a clear explanation of course prerequisites and requirements for successful completion of courses.

Each department within the College has established a mission statement, philosophy and objectives which guide the curriculum, student activities and faculty activities.