BS in Chemistry: Professional Chemistry

The field of chemistry is an excellent choice for those who are interested in any branch of science. Chemistry is often called the "central science" because principles learned in the study of chemistry are used in physics, engineering, geology, biology, environmental science, medicine, and other health sciences. Chemistry is the study of matter, the material things that surround us. Chemists study the properties of matter. They study atoms, the building blocks of matter, and how they react with each other to form compounds. Chemists also study the energy changes that take place in these reactions. An understanding of chemistry leads to the development of new materials and compounds used in a variety of applications such as new medicines, new manufacturing materials, and new sources of energy. Chemists study the environment and develop new pollution control techniques and methods to protect the environment.

This bachelor's degree in professional chemistry prepares a student for employment as a chemist. It also prepares a student for further study in a graduate degree or professional program. This degree is designed to meet American Chemical standards for a bachelor degree. Job opportunities for students with this degree are very good. Students with this degree can have careers in test laboratories, government laboratories, hospital laboratories, research and development, quality control, manufacturing, and many other areas.

In obtaining this degree, students will learn how to:

  • Use modern scientific instruments and interpret results
  • Apply principles used in chemistry to solve everyday problems
  • Think analytically
  • Use problem solving skills
  • Categorize information
  • Apply learned math skills
  • Develop laboratory skills

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