UVU Educational Resources

Department Advisors and Academic Counselors

  • Tom Liljegren—Chemistry Department Advisor (tliljegren@uvu.edu; 863-8616; PS 201a): As the Chemistry Department Advisor, he can help you create schedule plans, answer questions about degree requirements, and inform you of opportunities in the Chemistry Department. As a Chemistry major, he is your primary advisor for any academic difficulties or questions you may encounter. He is also the advisor for the Physics and Earth Science Departments. He is available for drop-in appointments, but it is recommended to schedule an appointment.
  • Pre-Health Advising (prehealth@uvu.edu; 863-6484; LC 404): Pre-health advisors can help you prepare to apply for study in a variety of health fields, including medical, dental, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, optometry, podiatry, veterinary, radiology technician, or respiratory therapist. They can help you know what is required for admission into graduate programs in these areas. Before setting up an appointment with them, complete their online orientation at http://www.uvu.edu/prehealth/.
  • Biology Advisors—Terrell Wyche and (twyche@uvu.edu; 863-6308; PS 202f) and Heidi Creer (heidi.creer@uvu.edu; 863-5259; PS 202e): You may contact them if you have questions regarding registration for any Biology courses or if you are interested in getting a minor in Biology (a popular minor for Chemistry majors).
  • Math Department Advisors – Colin Brinkerhoff (brinkeco@uvu.edu; 863-7419; LA 022) or Monica Ferreyra (monicaf@uvu.edu; 863-5396; LA 220): You can ask them any questions about Math pre-requisites or getting into Math classes MATH 1050 and above. Also, you can talk to them about a Math minor (a common minor for Chemistry majors).
  • Melissa NoyesCriminal Justice Advisor (Melissa.noyes@uvu.edu; 863-5531; EN 101): For student in the Forensic Chemistry Emphasis, you may go to her for any questions about the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science courses required.
  • Academic Counseling Center (acc@uvu.edu; 863-8425; LC 402): If you are looking into exploring other majors their academic counselors can help you identify other areas of study that might interest you. This is also where the Pre-Law, Pre-Nursing, and Pre-Health advisors are located, as well as the Academic Standards counselors.
  • Career Development Center (careerdevelopmentcenter@uvu.edu; 863-6364; LC 409): They can help you find internships and train you in skills to help find jobs and get hired such as networking, resume writing, and interviewing. Also, you can take practice tests for the GRE and do mock interviews. They have resources in the career library about jobs available in Chemistry and related areas. Dan Felts (dfelts@uvu.edu) is the Career Development Center representative for the College of Science and Health.

University Resources

  • OneStop (instantinfo@uvu.edu; 863-INFO; BA 106): One-stop is the place for any admissions, transcripts, or registration questions. Also, you can purchase parking passes and pay tuition there as well.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships (863-8442; BA 105;): This is the place to go for any questions about or problems with financial aid and for information about scholarships and grants that you may be eligible for.
  • Math Lab/Academic Tutoring (863-8356; LA 201): Free tutoring is available for all Math classes and many science classes as well. There is also a Calculus Lab and multiple tutoring locations.
  • Student Health Services (863-8876; SC 221): Offer immunizations, medical treatment, and mental health services for students. Also offer free wellness sessions about a variety of topics.
  • Registrar’s Office (863-8468; BA 106): Information about registration for classes, including registration tutorials and leave of absence procedure.