Student Protocols

Failed Classes

No student is allowed to repeat a major class in the UVU Department of Public and Community Health that they have failed twice. The only exception is University documentation of illness . They may take the class again from another accredited institution for transfer credit.


A student with more than four incompletes may not register for more classes before the incompletes are removed. University documentation is required to grant exceptions.

Reusing work from different classes

Plagiarism is described in the University's Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities as using other people's ideas and work as your own. In addition the Department considers the use of one's own work in different classes to be subject to the same potential penalties. If a student wishes to do class presentations, papers, or research, she/he must inform each faculty member of every other class in the department in which they have used the same subject and the assignments they were fulfilling in each class. Instructor permission from all involved instructors is necessary.

Application to Major

Application to and completion of prerequisites for the major must be completed by the second semester of the junior year.