Reasons for Choosing UVU Dental Hygiene

UVU Dental Hygiene = Student Success

There are reasons for our graduates great reputation. Here are a few:

* Excellent communication and team skills

* Trained in a state of the art clinic with the most modern equipment/devices

* 100% Graduation Rate

* Placed #3, #4 #5 in the country on national Boards ( when ratings were given)

* 100% first time pass rate pass on National Boards, and WREB Anesthesia boards

(100% 3 month pass rate on Hygiene Clinical Boards)

* Best faculty to student ratio in the state

* Extensive service and community experience.

* Least expensive and oldest hygiene program in Utah County

* Least pre requisites in the state (for those schools having pre requisites)

* Dental Hygiene is UVU Department of the Year

Our Dental Hygiene Department was chosen out of all of the UVU academic Departments to receive the prestigious award of the UVU DEPARTMENT OF THE YEAR for the Wolverine Achievement Award!

This award is presented to the office, department, or organization on campus that displays commitment to the students of UVU. The recipients stand as an example of outstanding service and loyalty to the student body.

This award is especially meaningful to us as the award is given by the Utah Valley University Student Association.