BS/BA in Integrated Studies with an Emphasis in Earth Science

Many opportunities exist for advanced and professional degrees for those completing the Bachelor Degree in Integrated Studies (IS) program (law school, medical and dental schools, MBA, MPA, etc) and in the business environment. Many employers seek students with skills gained from liberal arts programs like Integrated Studies. These skills include the ability to comprehend diverse material, to write clearly, to think critically, to work cooperatively, and to become adept at problem solving.

The individualized nature of the Integrated Studies degree is attractive to students with multiple interests who want to develop skills that are relevant to a variety of careers. Students integrate course work in emphases such as science, business, health, literature, languages, communication, philosophy, behavioral science, social science and the arts. Emphases from computer science and information systems, accounting, technology and trades and physical education are also offered as part of this degree. Following are the key knowledge, skill, and ability goals for students who complete an Emphasis in Earth Science as part of their Integrated Studies degree:

  • Knowledge of at least two of the core fields of earth science, including petrology, mineralogy, sedimentology, paleontology, structural geology, engineering geology, hydrology, climatology, and meteorology.
  • Knowledge of interactions between earth science and the students’ other emphasis areas.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.